‘searching’ for g…Friends!

The title seems very apt to me! I have too many posts I want to write on. But I had been slightly caught up – as I am getting settled in my new Job at Bombay! (woot!! yes, I am back working after my two month vacation :D)

A quick reading now in the blogosphere reminded me of the song “I gotta Girl” by Lou Bega

I gotta girl in Paris I gotta girl in Rome
I even gotta girl in the Vatican Dome
I gotta girl right here I gotta girl right there
and I gotta girlfriend everywhere …
(pam pam and the music goes on, lovely song in case you haven’t heard it)

Apart from me also needing one (a girlfriend ;-o) in Bombay now, let me come back to what the post meant – Google is making FRIENDS, a spree of well thoughtout partnerships in lot of key areas (Mobile and Media). Its becoming more than a ‘search’ company! Basically looking at it – its very very bullish and infact companies i.e big companies want to partner with it.

1. The big 1$ billion dollar 5% stake with AOL – advertising and userbase partnership
2. Today’s partnership with Motorola – use google ‘search’ buttons directly from the phones!
(its all about brand here!) {Motorola is also btw going partner with Kodak for cam phones – that sucks! Kodak digital technology is so bad – its always GO CANON for me. I bet apple + Canon are talking for the iPhone somewhere now …}
3. On top of it, another strategic partnership with Intel’s new entertainment platform – use Google technology to search video content!
Do you all remember the $4 billion secondary Public Offering of Google in August, 2005?? Well, this is where bulk of the money is going – the partnerships! i.e GirlFriends, googleFriends, G…Friends πŸ™‚ Gotcha?

Its leveraging partnerships to get a diverse audience and content that Yahoo (which is becoming a media company actually!), Google’s actual main competitor, cannot obtain. Also, in a way google is becoming the software in providing the services on the ‘go’ as Gates himself said at the CES yesterday (software is the future!) and compete healthily or may be partner with Steve’s upcoming iMedia+iLife combo!

The folks at Google know to make software very well and they are the best among the best and I am sure by just focussing on this and allowing their partnerships to flourish to get content and users and generate revenue, they will be a major player for the digital home that Microsoft and Apple hope to rule (Microsoft -Xbox and Vista & Apple – iPod+Mac Mini+iTunes)! Now that leaves ‘just’ Yahoo. I was thinking may I should leave that for another post but a quick ‘google’ of “Yahoo Buyout” (I didn’t get any ad on this search!!) gives me an article (dated very recently Jan 4th, 2006) obviously linking up Microsoft and Yahoo {seems obvious if you think about it! πŸ˜‰ Microsoft is getting desperate …}
Now thats a complex, debatable topic for a bigger post! … but my suggestions for now, if you have some money lazying around (which I obviously don’t have!) and want to invest it stocks – BUY GOOGLE and YAHOO stocks. Both will go up atleast till May 2006 (my take 25% increase in stock price).

Simple reasons

  • Market wise: the digital home market is going to explode {braodbad, online video .. blah blah blah}
  • online advertising is going to keep growing, mobile market is ever increasing and
  • MOST important of all ‘everyone’ is going to START TALKING πŸ˜€!

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My life - BREESY! :-) :D Beautiful Random Enjoyable Eventful Simple Yellow Places I have lived (chronological): (country) (- state) (-- city) India - (Orissa) -- Cuttack (2yrs) -- Bhubaneshwar (3yrs) - (Maharastra) -- Bombay/Mumbai (8 + 1 yrs) - (TamilNadu) -- Madras/Chennai (6 yrs) - (Pondicherry) (1 yr) United States - (California) -- Berkeley (3 yrs) Education : IIT Madras 02, UC Berkeley 05 Work Experience: Mechanical Engineer at FORD Motor Company, India; Management Trainee at Datamatics Technologies Ltd.; Wireless Programmer at TeleCommunication Systems Inc. Passions (currently as of Dec 2005): Family, Media (visual / audio), Mobile Systems, Internet, Design Interests: Music, Movies, Photography, Enjoying nature, Playing Violin, Graphics, Business / Entrepreneurship / Managments, Spirituality, Design, Technology, Mobile / Wireless

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