Movies, Computers, Music and me …. part 1

This is the first of the three post on my experiences with Media and Computers over the past decade.

Media and computers have been a big part in my life especially after entering college in 1998.

Apart from getting independence, more time to goof off, college is a place where ‘like‘ minded people of your age meet! I was averaging around one movie a week in the theatres in the first two years. With the cheapest ticket being Rs 6.50! for 3 hours of a/c (its freaking hot and humid in madras), it was really well worth it even if the movie was not good 😀 ha ha those days are amazing to think of!

Rewind 7 years back – 1998

The dorms in IIT were a valuable resource – technical and more of an enjoyment resource. Computers were just becoming cheaper then. A pentium III box in 1998 was around Rs 50,000. Luckily someone in my wing had bought a kick ass computer with a DVD drive, a 17 in monitor and of course 2 good speakers. No internet and of course no intranet! But yeah, those days that itself was a real luxury – almost like a supercomputer in my wing! Apart from a bit of programming and simulation, main purpose of the machine was the ‘multimedia’! It was the entertainment juke box.


If anyone reading this is still thinking or has bought a computer now thinking only of its business use and value for money. I recommend you stop reading this and go do something really really useful. But just before you go, remember this – either you don’t belong to the current generation or else you are missing the boat soon! F5 – Refresh and Continue

Fast forward – present 2005

Take a snap shot of anyone’s computer disk space now. Typically this is how it is distributed. 10% OS!! 30% needed free space, 20% actual data and then 40% MUSIC and PICS! For heavy duty media users like me – we prefer either a network drive or an external hard drive! I have a 320GB external hard disk and I have only 18.5 17GB hard disk free space left on it! On top of it I have around 30 personal data DVDs. Given a choice, I will easily consume 1 TB of space (money is a constraint! :-o).

more continued in the next post tomm . Next I shall be talking more on the accerated growth groth of use in my junior and senior year. With the third posting finally talking about my experiences at Berkeley and US… good night ye all! and yeah, as any computer enthusiast, here is my snap shot of my desktop (its a mac mini):

My current desktop


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