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I have been collecting articles to answer “Why do people blog? or Why should people blog?” Before the blogpost materializes (hopefully by somtime next weekend) I thought I shall make a quick stat check of my clout ‘online’ :D! and guess what I ain’t that bad!! This blog is currently not doing that well πŸ™‚ I know there are two readers atleast on bloglines who have them on their blogroll. And somehow on a average I get 15 views per day! which is not bad. But one look at the graph and its pretty disappointing :-). Onto some graphics:

Here is my online ego meter reading πŸ™‚ not bad uh?? I come up on the first page of a google search for my name twice – not at all bad for starters!

Looking further into my wordpress stats (figure below) – the spike in the middle is when I circulated my post regarding mobile industry in India. But then, the bumps on the curve are everytime I write a post! Otherwise i do get hits from search engines. My engineering background says that – the top points of the graph look like an exponential decay! And the half life is around 10 days πŸ˜‰ … in short if I want a good sustainable audience, I should come up with good articles atleast once in 10 days with a bit of general writing here and there and yeah, some amount of self circulation!


Next, is my flickr status. Many people, rather bloggers, discount flickr as a blog platform! Its has been a strong and easy Photoblogging experience for me. I wonder why photo blogging is sidelined a lot by people. The ‘writing’ blogosphere considers themselves an elite group! Believe me most of the times a picture is worth a thousand words. Pictures are the best form of expression. Flickr is addictive and the members in flickr are really cool! Damn, I am paying money for using flickr and I am also an evangelist for the service. Its one of the coolest apps I have used in my life. Close to 20 people I know are using flickr due to me! (ps: I do a good job at convincing! I have influenced two people to buy macs last year ha ha…)

Coming back here are my flickr stats:


I have had close to 21,500 views this year which I feel is amazing. I am just using flickr to experiment. I am treating my flickr account as a way of making a photo diary, so that I can come back later sometime this year or in my life to – say or see or feel – this day last year or that year kind of thing. I started out using flickr for mobile picture blogging. I loved it. I have a small groups 2.0 idea using mobile picture blogging + flickr + yahoogroups in my mind. Will share the idea soon. Meanwhile check my tags on flickr by clicking on the following tag cloud. I haven’t tagged lot of pics on my flickr account due to privacy reasons. In a way, my pictures are public but difficult to ‘digg’ :). Ahem, remember difficult not impossible!!



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