Mumbai Bloggers meet today, 6pm – Bandra (W)

Akshay, or lecercle as I knew him from Flickr before, has called for a bloggers meet today tuesday 31st January 6pm! I am excited & I hope to make it there. Will be slightly delayed but will try my best πŸ™‚ The destination :

Cafe Coffee Day

Shop No. 14/15, Gagangiri Premises Building, Ground Floor,
Carter Road
Bandra WEST, Mumbai-52

I don’t know the route but I should be able to find it thanks to this lovely link from Akshay again – Mumbai Navigator – check it out, its awesome! I found out I can travel from my house to workplace by Bus route 70!! Nice job IITB folks πŸ™‚ Now wouldn’t it be a lot easy to just overlay that onto the map of bombay and get a rough visual overlook? something like a google maps! Rather – overlay it on top of a WAP browser i.e mobile and bang! .. wow thats some service I would pay for!!
Other folks who have given links to spread the word:

Dina Mehta (whom i met at Digital Summit!)
(name thru Trivial Matters)

Meet called by Scott, Winksite and of course do look at the metrobloggin Mumbai website. I think Mumbai or Bombay I still call it is the 40th metro on the list! folks, correct me if I am wrong. Lets get more pro-active and put Bombay on the bloggin map. And yeah, if possible, a Indian BloggerCon !! next year this time?
ps: most of the info from Akshay’s site Trivial Matters. He does a lovely photo documentary type bloggin of mumbai! I am sure, he should try for a national geographic position or something. Atleast, he is developing a lovely portfolio!

And lastly, I took this photo at the Digital Summit – can you guess who are sitting there??


Its Dina Mehta with her laptop (onto the right) and Kiruba (left) – the topmost A-list blogger in India??! Here is a list of top 100 India Bloggers for your help if you want to digg more! Anyway, I didn’t realise that it was kiruba when i clicked. I was just taking a snap of Dina (live blogging here in this photo) whom I had met the day before.

And yeah, I of course had the pleasure of meeting Kiruba the next day in my office thanks to Veer – Mobilepundit and Rajesh – Emergic (and I hope to be meeting Atanu soon too!). Kiruba and I exchanged ideas of making a podcast – it has not materialised yet but any takers kindly join the bandwagon πŸ™‚ (comment to this post).

Enough of blabbering … hope to meet you all there. I shall be to grab a cappuchino around 6:30 to 7pm. Anyway do call me at 9867-980887 if you wanna have a chat anytime. Hope to see ya all. Sayonara for the night!!!


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5 thoughts on “Mumbai Bloggers meet today, 6pm – Bandra (W)”

  1. Vinu, thanks for the putting this up on you’re blog. I know it is difficult for you guys to get away from work. Just come do the Indian thing come a little late. I’m sorry I really quiet change the time now [it’s a little to late to do that now], the date Scott’s prerogative.
    See you there them !!

  2. C’est moi again!

    Checked out the flicker pics of the meet-up & they’re great! Can’t seem to save them offline though?

    Possible to email one to me? The nice one with everyone looking at the cam??


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