Green mile vs David Gale

Its that time of the week where I sit before the TV and work as I seeing movies 😉

Finsihed seeing Ghost Ship (I give it a 7.4 while imdb says 5.3!!) in HBO and I am almost done with Green Mile (I give it 8.2 while imdb 8.1) on Star Movies and I was inspired to blog on the spot and hence I go … (anyway almost all my posts are written with blogpress open and literally brain farting – its just the heart flowing out :D)

Its 1:30 a.m and the movie – Green Mile is close to getting finished. I should say Green Mile is a movie I would like to watch once in two months! The potrayal of characters is truly amazing – a true gem of a movie! Shows how people react when someone’s life is coming to an end (bunch of prisoners sentenced to death). Guess, how you will feel when you know you are going to die and you are confined to claustraphobic room for months! I feel its worse than having a bad disease for which there is no cure … Personally I against CAPITAL PUNISHMENT (a bit of explanation and history).

This movie reminds me of a great movie I saw in 2004 called ” The Life of David Gale ” (I give ita 8, imdb 7.2). Do go grab a DVD if you can and watch it.

Makes me think what give ‘we’ human beings as ‘greater beings‘ to kill others fellow humans even if the crimes are so huge? Are we right in playing GOD here? Is that there destiny? India and US still have it! I am NOT for it. What is your take?? Leaving you a world map .. image borrowed from wikipedia for sake of completion of the post.


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