connecting faces, words thru conversations!

The Bloggers meet on Tuesday was very interesting. My second bloggers meet. The first one being ‘Tag camp‘ where I got to camp overnight! with lot of cool “tech” people in the Silicon Valley. Got to meet and have a chat with Dave Winer, Jeff, SimplyHired, Zvents, Kaboodle, Wink, Raw Sugar, Technorati and Riya folks to name a few!

Coming back to this week’s meet. You can check out the Bloggers meet flickr set. Just to give you can idea here is the group picture:


The bloggers who came were (L to R):

Dilip, Vijay , Melody , Charu , Dina,

Aditya, Manoj, Vibha (Dilip’s wife), Netra, Scott,

Veer, Akshay, Salma, Naina

Note: Saket and Sakshi are missing as they came later.
I am missing as I am taking the snap! 🙂

Writeup on the meetup in other blogs: Melody spoke the voices in her head almost immediately i.e the same day. It was then followed by Salma’s shrine.

I went to the meetup with Veer, I work with him in the same office! (isn’t it cool to have a office mate who is also a blogger?). We dropped in a bit late. My first observation – blogging is definitely a young peoples’ thing! Average age I would say was around 24 years. People having loads of enthusiasm. Veer went to the other side of the table to sit beside Netra and Scott. I grab my chair beside Naina and Dilip. immediate first Q after I sat down and said to Naina – ‘hi I am Vinu’. Naina replied “So, what is your blog and what do you blog about??” I am like errr .. I have been ‘trying’ to bloggin seriously over the last month or two! hmm Naina – thats cool. but I said I have been photo blogging and even moblogging for more than a year! Came to know Naina has design blog (checked it out later and it rocks!) She was also talking about the new Macbook pro she is going to get .. made me feel totally jealous. Vibha came along with her daughter Surabhi (she was so cute) and I came to know she doesn’t blog but was just accompanying her husband Dilip. Then Melody swung by – I felt the energy and excitement when she came over and had a chat.

This was followed by some ‘clicking’…. capturing kodak no flickr moments! continuing …
Vijay – a cool dude, who just started working in rediff, was mostly quiet but nice. I felt real friendly with him. Then meeting Akshay felt good! I had been seeing his snaps from the US for close to a year now. He was my windows through the net to get glimpses of Bombay. Then met charu – she was nice to have a chat too! Another flickrite – was happy to share a flickr moment with Charu (flickr usrname: roadblog) and Akshay. I have today we should plan a flickr meetup in Bombay sometime soon. I meet Dina again. She is sooo nice.

Manoj was into podcasts clearly. Netra was completely new to bloggin world. Salma was multiple blogs. Even she is on the quiter side but has so many questions to ask me! Even called me interesting … thats interesting :D. I can keep going on I guess about Aditya, Naina, Salma, Scott, Saketh and Sakshi {wow sooo many yeseS!}… but all in all I had nice time. Hope to be good friends with some of them in the long term.

If anybody needs direct links for downloading the pics – above picture and the picture below. In the picture below, Scott, Salma, Naina and Saketh seem to be having a very serious conversation. I wonder what they were talking about. I was just buzy click .. clicking ;-).

All in all – nice, lovely and friendly bunch of people had coffee! Hope to attend more such meetups…



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  1. hello ive enjoyed your blog. please check out mine. best wishes, mark. ps i would like to exchange views on the forthcoming england tour if anyone is interested.

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