bloggin as citizen media?

Well, the ‘current’ debate which is going to spur in the blogosphere is very much related to Russell Beatie turning off his comments in his blog both “old and new”. The problem is not that he has disabled comments. The main problem is he has removed older comments too! And the explanation he comes up with is this:

Dealing with the comments takes time, and considering that I’m disorganized already, it’s something that needed to be cut.


I have met Russell once out of the three mobile mondays I have attended. Nice guy and pretty friendly. But what I think he should understand is as a A-list blogger you hold some responsibility in the blogosphere. Agreed, at the end of it its your blog. But in all the A-list blogder posts – sometimes more than the posts – the comments have wealth of information. Frankly, I think I have learnt more from the comments on Russell’s post than his blog! the people I got connected to, the newer blogs I have subscribed to (especially in the mobile sector) have been more valuable to me!

For example, Dave Winer had a post – Getting my data out of flickr? and there you have a dozen of comments! OBVIOUSLY a google search would have given him the answer if he did a 2 minute search. But he knows – a one sec post will give him better answer. Lets the blogosphere do the work for him! 🙂 very cheesy I would say … but guess what at the end of the day its collective knowledge. its a win-win situation. I get to know more blogs, the person who commented gets more hits and gets into the blogosphere. Sometimes, I should admit – i write comments just to get noticed.

More thoughts of other people i.e Ben and mobile Jone – calls his post Antisocial Media. Russell is really quick to defend with this post “no comments pushback“.

I guess this is all another day in the good ol’ blogosphere. What these people don’t get is that I wrote a post on my weblog, they read it and responded on their weblog, and now I’m responding to them again here. That’s a conversation – no comments needed.

As for the previous comments, I got rid of them mostly because I was too lazy to put in the PHP logic into the WordPress template which would take out the Comment header at the bottom of the single.php page for future posts. I was like, “Eh, I’ll just get rid of them all” and didn’t think twice about it. But that’s okay, as this is my site, I can make those types of arbitrary decisions. Now that the comments are gone (not deleted actually, just not displayed) I like it! The weblog is very clean and 100% mine again.

Apart from writing couple of dozen of great posts and giving inside scoops of Yahoo! If Russell is not going to be responsible, I wonder if I should waste my time reading his blog! I sure – he is boosting his ad-earning by atleast $30 by writing this post. He had a post saying he earns $100 per day through his blog! But I am sure, he will atleast put the ‘historical’ commments data! HE JUST cannot disown the effort of others (for which he has reaped the benefits by increased readers and earnings) by just saying:

Anyways, as I’ve repeated from the very beginning in response to all sorts of criticism over the years, I will publish this weblog how I want, about what I want and you read if you want. That’s it, very simple.


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