marketing and disatisfaction …

Amazing post by Seth Godin titled “The culture of dissatisfaction“.

I totally relate to this as I observe things around me all the time and I have travelled a lot. I have seen the differences when things are sold at the ‘people’ level and the ‘virtual’ level across the two continents i.e US and India. A drastic shift in marketing. seth highlights the following points. (Just fyi, Marketing has been my interest also for sometime apart from people people psychology). Seth Godin has always been clear and lucid in his blog posts. Here he illustrates his point by looking at Las Vegas:

“A rapid increase in dissatisfaction.

The problem with this emerging culture, aside from the fact that we’re unhappy all the time, is that it doesn’t give marketers a chance to build products for the long haul, to invest in the processes and products and even operating systems that pay off over time.

It seems to me that insulation from discontent comes from building a relationship. From real people. Relationships that make us feel counted upon, respected, trusted and valued cut through the ennui of dissatisfaction. We got ourselves into this mess by acting like smart marketers, and as marketers we can get out of it by acting like people.

The last is a very profound one. He says basically if your company is in a fire-figthing mode i.e you are handling customers and their complaints more than actually innovating and building new products. Start building relationships. They are worth in terms of customers in the long term and you will benefit as a company also. Be more Human! Come back to basics 🙂

Very true … look around and start thinking. At least in India, I can see more of relationships in the retail front. Also one more thing …

The onus is also in the customer’s end to build relationships if you want things done quickly be it on the phone line or be it your local grocery store 😀 what do ya say?


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