blogs – waste of time?

A lovely ‘thinking aloud’ post by Atanu – “The Blogger’s New Clothes” where he says

I am fundamentally against blogging … All in all, blogging is a self-indulgent waste of time, especially for the reader. For the writer, it could have some redeeming features such as the opportunity to learn how to write, to expound on topics of interest, or even to just maintain a store of interesting tidbits one has collected on one random walks across cyberspace.”

His post was triggered after reading the article ‘Time for the last post‘ quoting important lines from there:

” Or is it {blogging} just another crock of virtual gold – a meretricious equivalent of all those noisy internet start-ups that were going to build a brave “new economy” a few years ago? … blogging is the closest literary culture has come to instant obsolescence. No Modern Library edition of the great polemicists of the blogosphere to yellow on the shelf; nothing but a virtual tomb for a billion posts – a choric song of the word-weary bloggers, forlorn mariners forever posting on the slumberless seas of news.”

My Comment to atanu’s article! was:

atanu, yes I have thought of it in the same way sometimes! blogging and reading blogs especially when you reach around 250 feeds – needs discipline of time else you are just wasting time!

But Blogs are totally different in a way that they are a ‘medium’ Enablers of  conversations! its not that people are just writing or people are just reading. There are relations made, conversations shared and collborative knowledge gain at the end of the day/week. Yes, it may not be efficient … But I don’t see any other way how we can shift – time, space and thoughts  in a convinient and cheaper way at this current age and technology … 

In short, yes I do think about this! Today there was a problem with wordpress and it was down for 30 mins and I just had a thought – what the fuck … 3 months of dedicated blogging (nothin special written though :D) and I am down to zilch. But then I thought bottom line I am continuosly learning and re-learning. Infact may be more than what I have or would have in a quarter of school work! Its a very complex issue to answer in a post. May be will be the theme for a month to come … let me know your thoughts 🙂

I firmly believe ‘Blogging’ is here to STAY. Time waste or not. Boring or interesting or entertaining or not. Its a social and a conversational thing and hence a medium. Something, like talking we humans are always yearning for and get addicted to! technology and cyberspace are all here to culture the medium …


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