Thanks for the article Sahad (Content Sutra) and Kiruba.

All, do check out (WEB) and (MOBILE – looks different on ut cellphone). Infact, I got to know about the article on Content Sutra when I was using MyToday on my Mobile 🙂 while I was watching Brokeback mountain in INOX (theatre in bombay) couple of hours ago. And here I am bloggin as soon as I come back home!

A slightly geeky but clear explanation by Veer and also mentioned by Rajesh (Rajesh and Veer have envisioned MyToday). If you don’t understand any terms mail me or comment here so that I can follow up! I will be also starting a blog for MyToday and will move the details about MyToday related stuff there. Until then I may write a bit more on MyToday over here. I am working as a Product Manager for MyToday i.e get the feeds and sources; new features for mobile and web versions of the product; get feedback and interact with all of you. Just fyi, my two months at Netcore have been an exciting and faced paced one. Just to leave all of you people interested: Our main focus is Mobile and India. But we are equally serious and commited about the web part.

The Mobile MyToday has some neat features (apart from the dailies) i.e search through google, yahoo or wikipedia through the mobile. The proper output is formatted for the mobile. A micro-content viewer to surf the web pages better – those part of WWW which as of now is not meant for the mobile.

We are also looking for reading lists – personal dailies / OPMLs people would like to share. Really looking forward for feedback either on the website or at vinu(at)netcore(dot)co(dot)in. Also a ‘hint’ we are getting more and more content onto the mobile phone – not just dailies! So, I would say – go and bookmark us on your mobile phone and start using it daily !!

My Favourites are India Blogs, World, Cricket, Flickr and my reading list.

I use the flickr daily on my mobile – to get beautiful wallpapers for my phone daily!


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  1. Hi Vinu,

    Congrats on the launch. How can one add other blog feeds to the India Blog section or should be wait till you guys add the customization option?

  2. Hey Kaps – thanks. Do mail us the feedback about the product. We are really working fast on personalization. About india blog section – you can mail me for know 🙂 I would gladly add them.

  3. My today created todays word in mobiles which make more usefull in our day to day awarness programes and many regional un regional programes. I think tho one today is that mytoday

  4. Hi this is very good service you have been giveing a very good service all types of people and only one requist to you plz you have send msg daily this msg is need to India.

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