Charles Mingus:

Making the simple comlicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity.

I agree to this to a great extent! Especially when you have to design, teach, selling something. I try to applyt this in my life too! (don’t we all want to make our life simple?)
Got this quote from ‘Dina‘ – I like her blog a lot! The things she writes about are on the similar lines that I think 🙂 {lovely person too!}


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My life - BREESY! :-) :D Beautiful Random Enjoyable Eventful Simple Yellow Places I have lived (chronological): (country) (- state) (-- city) India - (Orissa) -- Cuttack (2yrs) -- Bhubaneshwar (3yrs) - (Maharastra) -- Bombay/Mumbai (8 + 1 yrs) - (TamilNadu) -- Madras/Chennai (6 yrs) - (Pondicherry) (1 yr) United States - (California) -- Berkeley (3 yrs) Education : IIT Madras 02, UC Berkeley 05 Work Experience: Mechanical Engineer at FORD Motor Company, India; Management Trainee at Datamatics Technologies Ltd.; Wireless Programmer at TeleCommunication Systems Inc. Passions (currently as of Dec 2005): Family, Media (visual / audio), Mobile Systems, Internet, Design Interests: Music, Movies, Photography, Enjoying nature, Playing Violin, Graphics, Business / Entrepreneurship / Managments, Spirituality, Design, Technology, Mobile / Wireless

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One thought on “simplicity”

  1. Heya Vinu,

    Just dropped in to say hi – it’s been a while. The blog template’s looking good – a big improvement from last time 🙂

    Hope all’s well with you!


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