me, myself and Irene …

Out of 5,000 odd photos I have in Flickr – these are the ones that I am present in :D (mostly)


what do you expect of me! Me in my own eyes (mostly) having fun, sleepin, feelin lonely et. al and spending time with people i care about ….

50 photos

Photos are from between
06 Apr 05 & 15 Mar 06.

Pictures 015 Me Myself and Irene gen 010 A Picture Share! A Picture Share! A Picture Share! A Picture Share! A Picture Share! A Picture Share! A Picture Share! vinu arty A Picture Share! A Picture Share! A Picture Share! kaal 002 may3 001 cricket 189 San Mateo Bridge A Picture Share! A Picture Share! A Picture Share! A Picture Share! IMG_1170 A Picture Share! IMG_1384 IMG_2802 IMG_2808 IMG_3045 IMG_3048 A Picture Share! IMG_4421 IMG_4931 IMG_5145 A Picture Share! flickr badge IMG_5378 IMG_5783 IMG_6594 IMG_6593 IMG_6592 IMG_4223.JPG Yours truly! I obey no rules - 1 IMG_3357.JPG IMG_3354.JPG IMG_3352.JPG IMG_3351.JPG IMG_3350.JPG IMG_3368.JPG

am getting a life … slowly

I have started learning, working and playing … in short I getting a life! Am I not glad? I am trying to fit in the blog time (read plus write).

I have been reading and learning on CSS, Wikis and Podcasting. So, I guess you may get posts giving you instructions and questions on those aspects I get doubts (will need help there)

My sister’s vacation has started and we are back playing badminton and table tennis. i am also looking to start Bridge soon … let see how it goes. But it sure does feel good

Work has become really hectic – no need to mention on that front. One of the main reasons I am not able to blog. Working easily 12 to 13 hr days :-( :-) (but I think I like my work a lot)

I am also catching up on the book that I have planning to read – will be writing a post on that soon. Also watched ‘Syriana‘ during the weekend. Remind me of ‘Lord of War – an oscar post is brewing in my mind … off to work more later.

So, slowly and steadily things are falling in place. I am moving in the right direction. Will need tweaks here and there. Whats happening in your life guys and girls?


Charles Mingus:

Making the simple comlicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity.

I agree to this to a great extent! Especially when you have to design, teach, selling something. I try to applyt this in my life too! (don’t we all want to make our life simple?)
Got this quote from ‘Dina‘ – I like her blog a lot! The things she writes about are on the similar lines that I think :-) {lovely person too!}

heavenly password!

I wish what the picture describes below doesn’t happen to me :D Otherwise I will be like – damn i just lost my master password or I was hacked yikes! Guess then its either hell or back to the blessed earth then :-) {damn I feel nerdy – I need to get a life}

whats in a name?

One of my office collegues asked me on Monday what does “vinu” – by name mean? I  knew it was an alias for Lord Ganesha. But she was asking what does it really mean? I ask my father and he says it means new, unique or different.

Do some googling and you reach here where there is a tranlation for vinu in each language! Some of them are wine, wound, vessel, breeze, hub, mortar and press! Then I did a google with these keywords ‘vinu sanskrit meaning’ – as my name does have sanskrit roots and you get to this page … which says in a way vinu means ‘without‘ or ‘except‘!

Guess, names have their own way of life ;-)

tamil blogosphere on the rise?

Yesterday, I was at the WordPress Dashboard after writing a post and I saw the following:


Look at the fourth link!! Its my mother tongue ‘Tamil ‘ out there … woot! :-) I was really thrilled. I would say its a volte-face in the blogosphere atleast in terms of Indian languages. Unfortunately I am not adept at reading my own mother tongue! I speak it very well but read and write very slowly :D. But if you are just curious or want to go to the blog – here it is …