the next fourth estate

Well, Vijay asked me to put my previous post impact of blogging into words and these were my rough thoughts (remember these are 6 month old thoughts!).The rate at which user generated content is growing and the popularity of it is really amazing. Its more than doubling every six months …. We see that genZ is creating their own content to be consumed by them! i.e We ourselves will be the architect of the next 'relevant' Fourth Estate.

Where the job of the journalists would be to dig more deeply into these contents and make reports, make sense – get the signal out the noise! And they have to do a good job and everyone will be buzy and happy with the noise they consume and create, after all its personal, anytime and free media. I think the sketch is pretty self explanatory – I had tried make working business model out of it – lets see how it goes … any doubts or Qs -fire them 🙂


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One thought on “the next fourth estate”

  1. Vinu, I don’t really agree about how user-generated content is growing. sure, in an absolute sense, it may be, but is that significant enough to create any impact -I don’t think so… I think MSM still has the advantage and sets the agenda for all of us, including most bloggers… sadly, you and me and all Indian bloggers, for that mater, are part of a miniscule ‘privileged’ minorirty…

    (by the way, I found Vijay’s comment interesting – say it in words coz stats don’t make sense to me – for a qualitative researcher, those words are music to the ears)


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