creating more innovative environments …

John Wilson write a bit about his book ‘SPARK‘ in two posts on tools for creating a more innovative environment – part 1 and part 2.

Some notes:
part 1:

  • Create SWAT Teams
  • Think about team chemistry (put people who will work well together)
  • create Organic Teams – teams that make sense for the situation
  • Balance structure and chaos

part 2:

  • focus on open communication
  • support varied innovation
  • identify generalists : they are the strongest persons in the innovation process. They will help in bringing new perspectives.


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2 thoughts on “creating more innovative environments …”

  1. Hey Pooja,

    For creativity there is constant ocsillation different contrasting personalities.
    structure and choas are just one of them.

    How – well they trick is to answer it yourself so that you are comfortable with it. i think it will be different for different people.
    Structure needs discipline and commitment
    chaos – ability and wilingness to let go free!

    what do ya say?

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