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Have you heard of Myspace? Will I came across two posts on that:

  1. By the CEO of Newsvine on how Myspace can be improved – Hacking a more tasteful MySpace
  2. Myspace moving to mobile vs Mocospace

Justin from JNJmobile gives a nice reply and logically explains why MySpace will have difficult moving their brand and product to the mobile space. I like his argument. But I don't buy. Because in the end the success of communities is getting a 'critical mass' and Myspace is up there – the effort in asking all your friends to move to another place is just too much! You are either in or not in a community. This is where the first mover advantage is … To wrap up Justin's comments:

First let me tell you a little bit about why I think MySpace will run into some significant issues going to mobile. First off, I think much of their brand and appeal is tied to three things that won’t work on mobile anytime soon: 1. adult oriented stuff will not fly with US operators and so much of MySpace is that. 2. the highly customizable sites that crash even the best web browsers will not run on many if any handsets 3. the music and video experience their users expect will be very scaled down. A long way of saying that I don’t think their brand will translate smoothly into mobile. All that said, they are MySpace and they will get thousands if not millions of their users to try different aspects of their mobile launch. But as a mobile games guy, I am going to guess that they underestimated the difficulty of handset support, consumer reach, etc., and overestimated the mobile savviness of their userbase.


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