clash of spheres

Rajan, you have hit upon a topic – that has been on the back of my mind for sometime. Its what I call 'Clash of spheres'. I would love to either take it offline i.e email or have series of blogpost (which can be digested!). I am still having difficulty understanding what you have written as I think there are some things you think is obvious or is related to older posts / personal conversations.

The three types of clashes of spheres I have in mind are:
1. real vs virtual of the same person (ur blog and real life)
2. clashes of sphere of people (real world e.g – parents and kids on channels in the living room, virtual – flaming blogs posts and emails)
3. clashes of people who have access to the virtual world and those who don't but are getting affected (digital the haves and have nots). Sadly just flipping off your modem no longer insulates from the internet in your life! Its a situation where people the haves benefit and the have nots are just left behind!
In total we see 2*2+1 = 5 combinations. Whether they become catalyst for:

  • better world for solving problems
  • increasing or decreasing stress
  • relieving tension and frustrations

is entirely in the hands of the community, the government and of course 'the individual'. Clear examples are China vs Google and the Bangalore incident.


what are your thoughts?? Rajan and others …

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