blogger meet wrap up …

I reached Barista around 4:15pm. Looked for some know faces … I had been to a blogger meet in January earlier. Was going to approach the counter asking the folks at Barista about this when at one corner – I saw a face I recognized …

I raised my hand and he acknowledged. I approached him and said … "err does your name start with a 'V'?!" " No, but I am Saketh" he said. Then it sruck me and I said "Oh you write a blog called vulture something right?" … Saketh replied "hmm .. Vulturo (check out his blog, i just did its kewl)". He continued talking about himself. Then I asked him how often do bloggers in bombay meet. He said it used to be often last year – but the people who used to be enthu about it have fizzled about but they all somehow still manage to meet everymonth.

Then Yaz from came in and Saketh knew him and then there was a crowd. There were also a bunch of bloggers sitting at the other corner and our main aim was to grab some benches and chairs … and soon we all settled in and more people joined in. We all had a quick introduction and I live video – blogged it using my phone.

Amit from IndiaUncut pointed out I was supposed to ask permission before doing that … well I told them that I am well within my rights and I know it as a photographer! well, as a group they thought Amit was right and I didn't bother arguing and asked for permission before taking pics again. {but I know this … as a law its completely okay to take a picture of what you see through your eyes without straining it i.e use telephoto lens etc!} Here is the video of the round of introductions πŸ™‚

Then the focus shift to Nitin Pai from 'The Acorn' while the blog-call was being taken.
The noise at Barista and the lack of space made it difficult to clearly hear and participate in the discussion easily. The blog-call was as follows:

The conversation started out on whether economic development and peace are related or can be dealt independently. Soon transitioned into Indo-Pak relations. Analogies being drawn on how china dealth things in the late 80s. Nitin's basis was tackle the terrorists as india is doing now and Liberalize and once we have enough economic clout the borders will sort out themselves.

A brief video:

Nitin believes what the Pakistan society thinks of India in not important as the state overrules controls the psyche of the society. Amit, Ravikaran and I were against it. I have met lots of Pakistanis and believe me there is lot of mutual respect and friendly outlook.

Anyway, at this juncture in my life I am slightly out of Politics as I feel if people look into their hearts and think even slightly sensibly all the issues can be settled. Violence is a measure for the people who are impatient or are afraid. And 'Vengeance is a lazy form of gried' (comment from a movie – the interpreter?)

There was also lot of 'literary' talk which I couldn't relate to. I did feel slightly out of place as the obvious had their community feeling having interacted for quite sometime online world. i was not really following their blogs.

People then whipped out their cameras and clicked here and there:

I saw Amit had a Rebel XT – the camera I also own. I was slightly disappointed this month on myself when I broke the lens 😦 Mistake on my part that I dropped it. The lens is good that its electronics is not functioning properly. Suman dropped in as I left (had some other appointment at 6pm. Asked her where she blogs. She said – I just blog about 'myself'! πŸ™‚ I replied even I do 40% myself! She replied " just google suman kamath" and unfortunately I can't find it! (in the top 10 links meaning)

Managed to grab a mango milkshake during that time and get to know Ravikaran well. Will definitely be adding them to my blogrolls. Its simply a great feeling when the online clouds (internet) and the grounded coffee (real life) merger. Aroma is just blissful!!

Other people who summarised yesterday's meet: (will add later)

  1. ShriRam Karra
  2. Amit-Verma

Amit mailed me pointing out that I have to take permission for all the snaps and videos I take and mentioned that if I removed them from the post he will link me. I did come back and remove his photo. I still see he has linked me. Anyway, what are you thoughts folks on this? I feel you are free to blo, take a photo and video of what all you see! …


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7 thoughts on “blogger meet wrap up …”

  1. It’s Suma. (I am a friend of her’s.) Google “Suma Kamath”. U’ll find here blog right on top. As for googling “Suman Kamat”, I found this very article of yours in the number 1 position. πŸ™‚

  2. hey,

    since ure quite an enthu blogger, thot u mite be interested in this…

    kooltag! now u can not only blog using ur hand phone but also view blogs, pics, websites, etc on your hand phone. You can even search google, wikipedia n kooltags created by other users.

    take for instance ur bloggers meet…using kooltag, u couldve viewed Saketh’s blog right away if it was a kooltagged! it’s quite kool….check it out on

    have fun xplorin it!

  3. Talk about self-absorbed..I googled my name and found your blog and surprise surprise..the person under discussion was li’l ol me ..:)…Good meeting the Blog Celebs..Kinda got deterred by the GD thingie going on at the main table πŸ™‚

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