PC is the idiot box!

Jeffery Philips mentions:

I can remember my father calling the TV the idiot box.  However, as a father now myself, and a constant user of a person computer and a corporate network, I can tell you that the real idiot box is the PC … What we need are software applications attuned to the way we want our processes and jobs to work, instead of working to the limitations and designs of computers.

He blames we users and also the software for not really helping us work smartly. On a very similar line, C. Enrique Ortiz talks about 'social information overload' :

Social Information Overload, where there is so much (social) information to attend to (friends, blogs, photos, sharing, and so on), overload caused by the "always connected phenomena" that mobility/always-on products are introducing into our lives, and that results in so much information to consume and people failing to attend even the very basic and important tasks in their lives … connected age is the age of pushed-information and the age of information overload, and that – "While the management of information (overload) is a very interesting area of research, the right answer to information overload may not be based on technology at all, but on personal discipline — learn when to be connected and when not be so connected

I agree completely to it … I am had to fight my way out of my usage of flickr and IM. Flickr was so addictive that I had to control myself from going constantly back for a week. Then I decided I was going to be back … but I a controlled fashion. Thats where I would concur with Enrique that 'personal discipline' is important. Well, from personal experience I can say its easier said than done!


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