Last Supper

Got this picture on Flickr. And this picture has the following explanation – this is soo wow! More about the original Last Supper at Wikipedia
[+] Complaint:
This image offends the religious sensibilities of all citizens. It trivializes the intense and dramatic moment during the Last Supper in which Christ anticipates his crucifixion in order to liberate humanity from their sins by appropriating religious symbols – such as loaves and fish – for commercial purposes and by replacing the apostles with female fashion models.

[+] Advertiser’s Statement:
The advertisers´ primary defense was that modern society has enabled women to achieve sexual equality with men only by sacrificing their femininity. This advertisement´s interpretation of Leonardo´s painting does not trivialize the sacred, but rather creates a new perception of femininity by presenting men – instead of women – in a position of fragility.

[+] Adjudication:
The Advertising Standards Authority of Italy ruled that the image offends religious belief not only because it provokes a reaction among consumers of the sacred profaned, but also because it attempts to elevate commercial products to the same level as religious symbols. Rather than being merely satirical, the message of this advertisement blurs the boundaries between the sacred and the profane, and thus offends consumer sensibility.


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2 thoughts on “Last Supper”

  1. Eww. I agree with those that think this is blasphemy. Women and men are abvioulsy not the same – just look at us to compare. We (men & women) are meant to be different, not unequal, but we are two different pieces that fit together. If we were the same, we would not need each other. JMHO

  2. I fully agree with Laura. And it’s not original at all. It’s been done so many times it’s boring. Women need to say “Enough is enough! We don’t want to be like men! We want to be amazing, enthralling, strong women!”
    Who’s gonna start?

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