email ettiquette!

Inspired by life hacker ‘7 deadly sins‘. Things that annoy me personally

  • 18-line signature – ‘This message is confidential!’
  • Inappropriate Subject line – especially when people keep replying and replying and replying …
  • Attaching huge files … that you need to download compulsarily!
  • Unnecessary reply
  • Content is too long or just rambling along 🙂
  • Confirming receipt of getting the email!
  • Writing ‘complete e-mail’ in another language in english!! e.g aap kaise ho? nee yeppadi irruke? Kai zaala! yentra babu ?Kono karuchu … 🙂

Published by: vinu

My life - BREESY! :-) :D Beautiful Random Enjoyable Eventful Simple Yellow Places I have lived (chronological): (country) (- state) (-- city) India - (Orissa) -- Cuttack (2yrs) -- Bhubaneshwar (3yrs) - (Maharastra) -- Bombay/Mumbai (8 + 1 yrs) - (TamilNadu) -- Madras/Chennai (6 yrs) - (Pondicherry) (1 yr) United States - (California) -- Berkeley (3 yrs) Education : IIT Madras 02, UC Berkeley 05 Work Experience: Mechanical Engineer at FORD Motor Company, India; Management Trainee at Datamatics Technologies Ltd.; Wireless Programmer at TeleCommunication Systems Inc. Passions (currently as of Dec 2005): Family, Media (visual / audio), Mobile Systems, Internet, Design Interests: Music, Movies, Photography, Enjoying nature, Playing Violin, Graphics, Business / Entrepreneurship / Managments, Spirituality, Design, Technology, Mobile / Wireless

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2 thoughts on “email ettiquette!”

  1. Hello,

    I am trying to determine how e-mails from people in India should be formally answered. I often cannot tell the gender of the person who e-mails me.
    And I often cannot tell which is the person’s first name and last name.
    And I do not know whether to use Mr. , etc. I understand that India is a very big place and that there may be variations from one locale to another.
    Any help you can provide will be appreciated.

  2. Well – I have the similar problem when I work with people from other continent. i use some simple tricks:

    e.g searching for the name in google images or flickr. It mostly gives a pic – I think thats a nice place to start.

    And when you are not sure say Dear ‘name’ => forget the Mr or Ms or Mrs. 🙂

    And in terms of last name or first name. Pick the earlier one. And if not sure – ask the person. They would be more than ready to help you in their own name 😀

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