bipolar podcasts

I just found these sets of great sites – which are having podcasts on bipolar disorder.

Well, the search started as I wanted or had an idea of making my own or shared podcasts. I miss support groups – there are none in Bombay for Bipolar atleast to my lnowledge! Just made a search to see if people are doing it. And Happy to say ‘yes’! I found two sites.

If you are not familiar with term podcast – do let me know.

In short its like a magazine/ radio show and you get a episode whenever there is a latest episode. Of course – you can download the mp3 directly from the website or subscribe as a show in iTunes.

Coming to the point – I would love start a podcast with people I know. And I would encourage to people to do (also indepently) I am mailing here to give a thought and whether they would like to join me. (gives me more motivation!)

The sites, I would recommend that you mail it to people you know and share it in the support groups. Somehow, i find the audio medium better! And helps to carry it around in your mp3 player!

These podcasts also come in video – so, you or I can carry in the new video (iPods :D )

Take care
PS: any followup questions don’t hesitate to contact me! … support is just a phone call way :)

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