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The mechanics of Blogosphere – “free production model” – thats Gen Z

John Furrier on New Platforms, New Economies and New Realitieslovely Podcast. I am sure lot of you will appreciate this. Quoting some words around 15 mins into the podcast:

This is an example of word of mouth distribution scenario that we paid no cost for has no PR firm no press release but yet it took off like crazy … my earlier comment about RSS – a world of relationships is being formed right now and thats really the new model – so the network of relationships (word of mouth relationships) are forming.

The bloggers are linking to one another, and creating credibility and influence relationships. Whats interesting is they are high velocity networks, highly efficient and super targetted.

So, the word can travel around super fast around the internet and it can impact everything from events to movies to entertainment to conversations.

TCP/IP -> HTTP -> RSS => Global Universal Access, subscriptions, Access and Choice.


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