Check out http://yubnub.org/

You may not get the concept at the first go – but this simply rocks :-). I also love the logo with the snail and the one liner that says “a (social) command line for the web”

I see a lot of potential for this and as its open source – it rocks. The amazing pace on which people build up on things – “small things” that go a long long way.

Add this in the mobile context and the idea rocks!!

Here are my favourite commands: (my golden eggs)

  1. gui
    • try giving gui <cmd> for everything!
  2. back, phon, wrd, xl, oow, oos, sparkline_d , compose ,
  3. ascii, y, skw, shrink, blub, login, phpfunction, ffkey
  4. gmkey, flshow, html2text , FindFeed, javadoc
  5. gc gcon
  6. wpm, g, gim s.i, eatFeed, delaymp3, SideNub, abv, pixoh, lman
  7. iyhy, sudoku, glog, two, rssread, send, gmobile
  8. sing, newwin, mash, multi, mo, autorefresh
  9. apropos, imdb, flshow, cc, feelings, cluster, lyric, phpman, ffkey
  10. grazr, grazjag

Add yubnub to your firefox sidebar and you are there!

Coming to mobile + yubnub here are a list of commands – ‘ ls mobile ‘ is what you would type in yubnub to see them!

Also read work on yubnub for mobile:

Metroblogging give yubnub mobile at : http://metroblogging.com/yubnub/

Also came across Serchilo – it says Wiki-based Command Line for the Web!

For starters try this command on Yubnub : I am getting a ascii print out of your name – making it a url and then a tiny url. { } feeds it to the next yubnub command!! You are going to like the concept only if you are a geek or love mashups …

shrink {url ascii <name>}

Enjoy!! Have a great week ahead …


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4 thoughts on “YubNub”

  1. http://www.wubhub.com is also a command shell service. It has the potential to be more powerful than yubnub since there is a language behind the commands. It’s still early alpha but I’m keeping my eyes on it.

    glad you like grazjag

  2. here’s one I just entered: googprox

    not many people are aware of it.

    I and my IP address were banned by Digg because I made a post critical to Digg. I tried getting in with normal proxies but they failed somewhere during registration form processing (posting). The google proxy worked flawlessly, and was very fast.

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