Mumbai Rocks n Rolls … again!

Never say die spirit … of mumbaikars stays on. And so does India’s Yesterday marked a total of around 12 blasts in India on one single day! 7 in Mumbai (bombay) and 5 in Srinagar (capital of Kashmir).

I was coming back to office at 6:30pm, having just stepped with my friend Aparna to get a medical report, when her husband called up and said there have been some bomb blasts go be at some place safe. We immediately when to the Airtel showroom in the ground floor of the corporate park my office is … Channel V was going on the large 42in LCD TV. Asked them to change it to NDTV as we got a call saying there were bomb blasts in the city on the trains. They switched on and soon saw images of injured people, bodies in the bath, mangled train compartments and of course the police running hamper scamper! Within seconds there was a silence in the room – everyone was assimilating what has happened and soon the calls started flying out …

We came up to the office and people in office had come to know as someone’s wife had called after seeing the TV. The blasts had rocked the entire western line of Bombay’s (a.ka. Mumbai) railway system – (article on wikipedia – User generate content is that fast!!)

I was anyway on my way to my house – decide to drop couple of more people enroute – didn’t want to wait in the office as I travel by car and that too in the opposite direction where people live. Came back home grabbed two DVDs to relax and take my mind off then tension. Dad came home safe and sound. One of my school friends from Madras also came over as he lived in western lines – the trains had been stopped and traffic on the road was bizzare. Two good movies – 16 BLOCKS and Eight Below.

Morning Newspaper headlines reads the following …

Financial Express
The mobile phones got jammed but the GPRS was working and we were checking news in the car from our own site (web version

Economic Times

So, yeah that was all the rocking part! Took people by shock. Making people nervous. Especially the city has been at taking a toll this week – heavy rains for two days and then the bloody jobless Shiv sainiks burning down buses and calling bandh on sunday – i am sure they wouldn’t have raised an eyebrow if something had happened to Gandhi’s Nehru’s statue. Just wanting to show their political muscle! But well, today morning Mumbai is back and rolling again … People will take the trains even now – there is no other option. The roads and the traffic are pathetic. Rumours were running of another blast in andheri (just now as I am writing) I am sure in order to panic the people.

But this is what I will have to say from what this city has seen – the riots, the series of blasts in 1993, blasts here and there over the last years, the heavy rainfall last year and now these blasts – people will keep going. Last thing we want to do is give in now …

Also wanted to that the people who dropped in mail, called, smsed, scrapped on orkut, enquired on flickr that – I am doing good. Thanks for enquiring, luckily no casualties from my side. Everyone is okay as far as I know. Actually one of my friends is getting married now – in couple of hours! Myself: just hoping I hold on to myself to all the negativity around me and I come out of my low spell soon 🙂

Bombay Blue


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5 thoughts on “Mumbai Rocks n Rolls … again!”

  1. Vinu,

    Even the news flashes in television were sending chill waves down the spine. And you were right there in the epicenter of the incident. It would have been a nerve-racking experience.

    Heaven knows why the heck these governments are like puppets and sitting as silent spectatators. Rather than focussing on bring in so much of force for reservation and other junk stuff, they can concenterate on abolishing the terrorists totally from the country.

    And one more lethargical thing in India. When there were serial blasts in London, their Prime Minister addressed the nation almost the same day evening besides cutting short thier International conference and visiting the spots. But our PM and other government administration were so lethargic that they visited the spots only the next day.

    AajTak NewsReporter (Deepak Chowrasisya) almost broke down quoting the incidents right? You watched Aaj Tak right. At the same time, we need to appreciate the solidarity of Mumbai people to help each other to hospitals and first aid and rescue services.

    Glad to hear that you are safe amidst the nerve-racking turmoil all around.

  2. hey, did you get a reward for all the pics. you gave to CNN and yahoo( and maybe other websites)?

    thx, for telling u what happened here in America.

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