Humans vs Machines

I saw this quote in the Book ‘Leonardo’s Laptop‘ by Ben Shneiderman – MIT Press. I love the title of the book. One of the aims in life is to combine arts + technology and apply it to society. Hope to read it soon. {you can crack into the book by type /pdf/chapterx.pdf after the url}


Coming to the post, I loved this quote by Arno Penzias, ‘Ideas and Information’ (1989), 179

Unlike machines, human minds can create ideas. we need ideas to guide us to progress, as well as tools to implement them …. Computers don’t contain “brains” any more than stereos contain musical instruments … Machines only manipulate numbers; people connect them to meaning.

Well AI may someday be larger than numbers. But untill then things like comman sense and new ideas and giving meaning will be left to humans.


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