there are 10 kinds of people :-)

Just a nerdy joke to start the blog post. Here ’10’ refers to ‘2’ in binary 🙂 ha ha … Anyway got this from Scott Berkun’s post – a simple fact but well said. I actually like a the guy have somehow managed to land at his homepage randomly doing google searches and really take away profound statements some which I have implemented in life and seen in working! from the post :

There are two kinds of people: people that make things complex and people that simplify.
Complexifiers are averse to reduction. Their instincts are to turn simple assignments into quagmires … These are the people who write 25 page specifications when a picture will do and send long e-mails to the entire team when one phone call would suffice. When they see x=y, they want to play with it and show their talents, taking pleasure in creating the unneccesary (23x*z = 23y*z).

Simplifiers thrive on concision. They look for the 6x=6y in the world, and happily turn it into x=y. They never let their ego get in the way of the short path. When you give them seemingly complicated tasks they simplify, consolidate and re-interpret on instinct, naturally seeking the simplest way to achieve what needs to be done.

I believe in simplification. Infact – simplifying things is sometimes complex! 🙂 contradiction uh? but most of the complex work is done internally , instictively in finding metaphors and finding simpler ways to explain to people!! So, what are you?


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