indian context – ipods and music phones!

My favourite topic – media, gadgets and trends and spice it up with some apple thrashing / defense πŸ˜€ Will phones replace iPods? Head over to Communities dominate brands for some excellent defense πŸ™‚ I just loved these 1 2 3 posts …

Some arguments
I would like to highlight …

Digital cameras vs camera phones:

Game over. Two of the four are already dead. Why are Canon and Nikon only reporting 30% and 20% growth? If there was any strong market for cameras, they would pick up all of Minolta-Konica’s customers (and be up at least 50%). When two of the world’s largest manufacturers of the industry totally quit, thats a pretty strong sign that the time for that technology is over. Cameraphones today offer 5 Megapixel resolutions, 3x optical zooms, 20x digital zooms, built-in flashes etc. Its not ever going to replace the professional digital camera – the wedding photographer will not show up with a Motorola – but this is a point the camera industry admitted in 2004 – they lost the battle.

iPods, US and musicphones:

The actual current state of musicphones is very alien to those who commented. As most of them tend to be from America, it is to be expected. By accident of timing, the iPod is best selling in North America, and cellphones (including musicphones) are least advanced in America. So what is quite common in Asia or Europe with more advanced cellphones, cellular networks, and wireless carriers, may still seem like impossible for many Americans.


So please bear in mind that the FACT of the drop in sales in iPods from 14.1 million to 8.5 million to 8.1 million comes from Apple numbers, and the 40% drop have been confirmed by Apple COO on April 19 and the further 6% drop confirmed by Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer.

Lovely ending!

And we also want to be responsive to all. It does go to the very heart of the topic of this blogsite and our book, that Communities Dominate. We want to engage with you.

And yeah taking it in the Indian context – a place where iPod has permeated to a decent extent thanks primarily to the underground market. I doubt whether the Indian consumer will really go for it! FM is seen as integral part of a phone and digital cameras –  most of them are seeing it thanks only to the feature in a phone .. ha ha! The canons and nikons has missed a huge market … zombies. Canon doesn’t even have a good support / repair center. My DSLR’s lens stopped working and the repair charge was apparently what I paid for buying it in the US … blame me πŸ˜‰


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