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I caught up on my RSS reader after sometime, guess what I not able to find time to read the 40 odd feeds I have now!! 🙂 Either I am not doing much or I am getting a life he he 😛 Mentioning some really good articles to keep you interested: (Most are also available on the mobile carnivalist blogs)
Communities Dominate Brands‘ says the mobile ads is definitely the next big thing – 54% Japanese consume atleast weekly. They new concept mention ads like these on the blog:

“With over 2 million subscribers to broadcast TV to mobile, they are introducing concepts like interactive ads. If you like the blouse on the starlet in the soap opera, just point to it and you’ll be linked to the website where you can buy that blouse for yourself !! And no, of course you won’t miss your soap. The phone is intelligent enough to pause the soap as you make your purchase.

THIS is the start of the kind of advertising we will see. Nicole Kidman loves the after shave of Brad Pitt? On the bottom of the screen – click here to buy the after shave…. Remember on the web it is not possible to click-to-buy. We need credit cards or paypal accounts to buy on the web. But on the phone click-to-buy is not science fiction, it is totally viable today, as the phone is the only mass media with a built-in payment mechanism.”

Ever wondered about the Story behind ‘Nokia tune’ and probably Ringtones 🙂 {the reason for the billion dollar industry} to quote  from about-nokia:

“His proposal for the “Nokia tune” was Francisco Tárrega’s (1852-1909) “Gran Vals” that was currently used on Nokia TV-commercials.

Anssi Vanjoki gave the notes of the Gran Vals to Lauri Kivinen (Corporate Communications) , also a choir mwmber with the ability to read notes. At first Kivinen thought it quite unnessecary for a phone to have several ringtones. People had been doing just fine with one ringtone.

However he developed the idea further and suggested a “piece” at the beginning of the Gran Vals. He thought that piece had the same spirit as Nokia’s slogan: Technology with a human touch.”

Talk about unknown insignificant improvements that help in the value data services and the personal angle for cellphones!

On the lines of Enthography in cell phone design: Cultureby talks about problem of partial enthography and mobileoppurtunity talks about European and American mobile use, the chilling difference is aptly conveyed in this one sentence:

“In the US, a cellphone is a tool. In Europe, a mobile phone is a lifestyle.”

{ Where does India stand among them? I would say mobile is a lifeline? }

Another very interesting paragraph from mobileoppurtunity:

“The differences start with the words we use to talk about the industry. In Europe, a mobile phone is usually called (in English-speaking countries) a “mobile.” As in, “I’ll ring your mobile.” In the US, mobile phones are most often called “cellphones,” and that’s sometimes shortened: “I’ll call your cell.”

The term differs in other European countries, of course (for example, Hermann on Brighthand says the term in Germany is “handy.”) I do know that if you say “cellphone” pretty much anywhere in Europe, people will look at you like you’re a dork. Found that out the hard way.”

Xellular Identity asks in ‘whats in a name’ (Identity what do ya say? ;P). They point out how operators making consumer dance to the tunes for the same product or service!
“Oh, did you mean Cingular’s Answer Tones, 3’s Dialtunes, Francetelecome’s Fun Tones, or Cosmote’s Calling Tunes…? And in Israel, is it Funtone (Orange) or Pleasant Waiting (Cellcom); in the UK, is it Calling Tunes (Orange) or Caller Tunes (T-Mobile)? “

Mad4MobilePhone talks about 5 features people don’t use but should use! And I completely agree. They are of course:

  • RSS Reader
  • Mobile Blogging
  • USB cable
  • GPRS connection and
  • Camera

A lovely review of the Nokia N91 at mobile trends (Nokia N91 kills the iPod) – the one I was waiting to check out … (he also mentions mac and nokia syncing).
The blog mobile media show – talks about ‘power of demonstration‘ presenting demos on the mobile.

“In the absense of a good live projection system I have opted for taking screen shots from my phone. I have found a great application to do this with – Screen Shooter (v1.0).”

BTW there are lot of freeware apps available for screenshots… google them out!

David Beers talks about ‘Mom and Pop wireless ISP’ and that make we yearn for things like this in India soon atleast in the big metros like Mumbai and Chennai.

“But if small companies like Airinet can do an end-run around the wireless oligopoly things could play out quite differently. The carriers aren’t going away–mesh networks won’t offer nationwide roaming any time soon and the VoIP story is unclear. But for local wireless data the carriers won’t be the only game in town and this could shift the competitive landscape in a direction that opens some nice opportunities for mobilists like us.”

Finally Stephaine at Ketai compares computer and cellphone literacy 😀 – a very interesting read. I hope to meet her some day and chat / explore mobile learning oppurtunities to some good extent.

And finally leaving you with some trends: the top 15 cameras on flickr – the mobile camera folks are catching up! I am sure in sometime atleast from India – the number of pics will be from Nokia 🙂



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2 thoughts on “mobile trends”

  1. Interesting stuff… I guess I should be proud of the fact that I do 4 of the 5 must use mobile features 🙂 No mobile blogging for me, even with my phone’s QWERTY keyboard.
    The Top cameras on flickr thing was on slashdot a few days back. If you look at the top camera models, you’ll see that most of them are SLR and prosumer models as opposed to consumer models. This speaks more about the demographic that flickr targets rather than what the general populace uses. What would be interesting is those stats for a more consumer site like photobucket or smugmug.

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