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Communities Dominate Blogs hosts Mobile Carnivalist #47 and I simply loved this quote:

Forty-Seven. What a nice number. The mobile phone is the fourth screen (Cinema, TV, PC and now mobile). The mobile phone is also the seventh mass media (print, recordings, cinema, radio, TV, internet and mobile).

Any one new to mobile and hasn’t yet realised the potential of VAS (value added service) on mobiles try to understand that!! Its a very powerful quote!


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One thought on “number 47”

  1. Hi Vinu and readers of Vinu’s Online Cloud

    Thanks for mentioning our play on the numbers 4 and 7.

    I could add about the fifth mass media (TV) that it was the first media that could replicate everything of a previous mass media (radio). None of the previous mass media could completely replicate a previous one, ie you cannot do all in a movie that you can do in print (can’t do an encyclopedia in the cinema for example). This partly explains why TV became so dominant. And we’ll remember “Video killed the radio star” – ie MTV created a “super visual radio station” onto TV, totally overpowering radio and instantly becoming the preferred media for new music releases etc..

    The sixth mass media (internet) was the first time when one mass media could replicate EVERY one of the previous five. We can today consume newpapers, magazines, books (and yes encyclopedia) – ie print – on the web. Napster proved we can cannibalize recordings on the internet. Radio and movies are available on the net and now we also have IP TV. So the internet is the first mass media that could replicate ALL of the previous five. It helps explain why the internet is so threatening to all older media.

    But the internet added two elements that were not part of the previous media (in a meaningful way) – interactivity and search. This is why the internet is SUPERIOR to the previous five. It can do all the previous five can do, but adds two new elements.

    Now onto the 7th mass media – mobile phones. The mobile phone can do … everything … the previous SIX mass media can do. You can consume recordings, radio, TV on a mobile phone. Some say watching a movie is not possible, but actually early stats from South Korea, Italy, Japan etc with younger viewers shows that there is no “time limit” to watching a tiny screen. And what of print? I grant you its not the optimal way to consume print media, yet publications from Cosmopolitan to Financial Times have mobile phone versions. Perhaps books are tedious, but even those do exist for (PDAs and) smartphones.

    And obviously you can have internet browsing on the phone. This includes the internet’s “new” services, interactivity and search – both of which already exist on mobile. So the phone can actually do ALL the previous SIX media can do. Wow, that’s powerful.

    Better yet – the phone introduces four elements the previous six mass media do not have. The phone is the first truly personal mass media. The phone is always carried. The phone is always connected. And the phone has a built-in payment mechanism.

    This makes the 7th mass media INHERENTLY superior to the previous six. Yes, there will be some services that are best experienced on another media – I will be watching the new James Bond movie in the cinema, not on my phone – and a good massively multiplayer online game like Worlds of Warcraft or Second Life are better experienced on a broadband internet connection than a 3G smartphone. But the phone can do all the previous six can, but the phone can do four further things the other six cannot.

    This is why it is so incredibly rapidly shifting our consumption behaviour. In only seven years, mobile phones have already taken 18% of all worldwide consumer spending on music. In only five years, phones have taken 14% of worldwide videogaming revenues. Etc. Just today Informa tells us that the total value of digital community / social networking services – on mobile – are worth 3.45 billion dollars. In only two years, this radical new industry is already bigger than iTunes worldwide, or bigger than TV-voting, or bigger than broadband videogaming, or bigger than online adult entertainment, etc.

    The power of the seventh mass media. If you really want a fast track to becoming a millionaire, this is it. Understand the 7th Mass Media.

    More at our blogsite

    Greetings to all of your readers

    Tomi Ahonen 🙂

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