blogosphere round up

I checked up on some my feeds related to mobility – thought will point all of you to intereting ones :-)

  • Politics – manipulate on the move ;-) => Pat Mobile : SMS based as of now {I recently read a ebook on using mobile for political campaigns – will talk about it soon!} We are soon see things like these for India too!
  • Watch Lakme fashion Week – live web streaming :D
  • Hinkmond – J2ME evangelist – talks about a new mobile LG phone with alpha numeric keys FAST TAP. And guess what – I think its cool! but $450  :-(


  • Smart Mobs – mentions Henry jenkins thoughts on Participartory culture and Media literacy. Highlights – core set of social skills & cultural competencies, youth should have to be full, active, creative and ethical participants in the new culture are:
    • Play – able to experiment / problem solve
    • Performance – adapt alternatives to improvise, discover
    • Simulate – intepret & construct dynamic models of real world
    • Appropriation – meanifully sample and remix media
    • Mutlitasking – scan environment & shift focus as needed to salient details
    • Distributed Cognition – interact meaningfully with tools to expand mental capacities
    • Collective Intelligence – pool knowledge and compare notes towards a common goal
    • Jugement – evaluate reliability and credibility of different resources
    • Trasmedia Navigation – follow stories & info across multiple modalities
    • Networking – ability to search for, synthesize & disseminate info
    • Negotiation – travel across diverse communities, discrening n respecting multiple perspectives & grasping n follow alternative norms
    • Seems to be the 7th part of a series of blog posts! I think it could be called a media education in the connected world in its truest sense.

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