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To me, living life with the FLOW, seems to be the only thing that keeps me going. I find it less stressful (hence keeps my health in track 🙂 ) , keeps me creative and more importantly happy! Having lived my life like this for almost a decade – I have decided I am going to stick to this kind of being. The choice to come back to India pick up a 40K p.m job after quitting a $6kp.m US job was part of the flow thing. Doesn’t make sense at the first thought, but believe me I have Zilch regrets in fact sometimes happier I made the move believing my intuition!!

This attitude towards life is something my parents especially my Dad is totally against or can’t understand. But somehow it seems to be the only way of living for me that has worked. Life 2.0 has a post Finding Flow by Letting Go that explains what I have been having difficulty in explaining, quoting certain lines from the post (mostly for my use 😀 – when I argue with my Dad! 😉 )

This is the first of three posts that look at a more serendipitous and effective way of being in this world. This first post looks at the ‘flow state’, the second at how to ‘follow our bliss’, and the third looks at an effortless way of ‘problem solving’. I’ve put them together because the three ideas are inextricably linked.Many would scoff at this idea … It speaks of the process of life as being simply an unmasking of our true, loving and miraculously creative nature….. that life’s one loving purpose is for us to be happy……and not at some point in the future, or after we had achieved or learnt something but right now…. by just following our bliss and stop defending ourselves against what we ‘think’ is hapenning around us and let our intuition, our inner knowing, be our interpreter and guide.

‘Flow’ is a state that arises from non-resistance and happens, funnily enough, when we allow ourselves to go with the flow of events and use each circumstance as another wave to surf, by seeing and accepting the gift it brings. All the planning we need do is be clear about what we want and stay open and receptive to receive the gifts that serendipitously flow our way when we follow the path of whatever it is that makes us happy, and start to trust in our Self as guide.

I know it seems a weird idea that our safety, happiness and comfort could lie in the unknown, in defencelessly letting go into the flow of events that fill each day, but once we do let go, once we let all things be exactly as they are and start to relax, then those things happening around us start to take on a different light. We begin to see that in choosing to call life friend that is what it becomes to us, and that is what we see reflected back to us in everything we look upon….. because this is what we have chosen.

We are not and never have been powerless; and we can live this life in perfect health, safety and happinness without defence of any kind. Life itself teaches us this when we choose to let go of our need to control our days and trust the flow to lift us free. You may think I’m a hopeless dreamer, but if you are one of those brave souls that’s become tired of clinging and chosen to ‘let go’ you’ll quickly find you’re not alone.

I hope I meet you there!


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My life - BREESY! :-) :D Beautiful Random Enjoyable Eventful Simple Yellow Places I have lived (chronological): (country) (- state) (-- city) India - (Orissa) -- Cuttack (2yrs) -- Bhubaneshwar (3yrs) - (Maharastra) -- Bombay/Mumbai (8 + 1 yrs) - (TamilNadu) -- Madras/Chennai (6 yrs) - (Pondicherry) (1 yr) United States - (California) -- Berkeley (3 yrs) Education : IIT Madras 02, UC Berkeley 05 Work Experience: Mechanical Engineer at FORD Motor Company, India; Management Trainee at Datamatics Technologies Ltd.; Wireless Programmer at TeleCommunication Systems Inc. Passions (currently as of Dec 2005): Family, Media (visual / audio), Mobile Systems, Internet, Design Interests: Music, Movies, Photography, Enjoying nature, Playing Violin, Graphics, Business / Entrepreneurship / Managments, Spirituality, Design, Technology, Mobile / Wireless

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