Patterns in life

I have been writing about my views on life lately and this thought has been there for almost 5 months. Does one’s life have a pattern? Is life a locus (matehmatically speaking!) ? i.e are we living life with a set of inherent rules? If so, can we change these rules and patterns forcibly to lead a more happier, satisfied life? Can we holistically put these patterns into boxes and adjust the measures of each pattern so that we feel more succesful at a particular period in life?

A Metaphor here would be a quest for Life’s Graphic/Music Equalizer.
Turn the Bass UP, Treble LOW and Mid Tones UP and voila you have the right mixture 😉

Q1. Why did I start thinking of ‘Patterns in Life’?

The last 3 years have been personally a challenging time for me – coping with my Bipolar disorder. The moment I think I have understood my health problem, my brain has has stumped my subjective self everytime. Almost to the point of losing my self confidence, self esteem and even seriously questioning the point of existence. I realized that depending on how I felt – I had to change my life such that I don’t excarbate my health problem. If I got lucky answering whether there were patterns in life – bulk of my issues would get solved. 90% of the time getting the question right itself solves the issue! (find another view here)

Q2. Why are S curves important wrt life (Optimization vs Innovation) ?

I am not sure if all of you are aware of S-Curves and their uses. I learnt about them during my Bachelors when I was studying Mechanical Engineering. Its a very well known curve in any sciences. You start out on a concept – keep refining the concept and optimizing it so that it grows and grows. Initially when the concept is new – growth is slow, then it increases, peaks and finally the growth rate slows down (Optimization). Meanwhile, a new concept comes along that solves the problem and it takes over the previous concept (Innovation). And the change from one S-curve to another is discontinuous, radical and mostly to an efficient system.

Coming to the relevancy of S-curve to post title. Everybody’s life goes through phases. I believe each phase is a S-curve. A detailed discussion of this thought and extension of this idea can itself go through series of post 😉 Now that is a matter of conversation over a cuppa tea / coffee or voice chat session.

I have a small whiteboard in my house and I started noting down the patterns from June 2006. I put a picture up on that white board on Flickr and asked for suggestions and that didn’t help much. Now, After close to 6 odd months I am making a blogpost of it – hoping people agree or disagree with my thoughts. I have learnt to look at life in perspective (not only mine) and observe patterns in behaviors. Lets see where it goes. Click on the photo to see earlier comments

paradigm of life

Q3. What are the Patterns in Life?

I don’t think I have cracked the quest for it. My search lead me to lots of thoughts and books. Came to the conclusion that the great minds behind Mathematics, Quantum Physics, Genetics, String Theory are in a way trying to answer a similar question. The difference I am try to formulate simpler rules to help my ‘WAY OF LIVING’ in the present i.e NOW while others are looking at equations and chemicals 🙂

Intuitively I feel there are seven main patterns. I have not been able to find that many – so that means the list is not complete and I hope you folks will help me fill it. I will try to illustrate with some examples at all points. I am sure you willbe able to fill in with your own rich exprience. You can think of the different point to be independent of one another. Is just like you have the Bass and Treble too! If something goes really missing – then the music feels odd!!

1. Randomness leads to Creation

2a. Perfection or Optimization improves growth

2b. Discipline aids aceeleration of growth or improved agility

2c. Reflection/Feedback depending on how much and what type (positive or negative) may lead to amplication, resonance, dampening or equilibrium.

2d. Reaction leads to equilibrium, diffusion and exchange of energy.

3. Simplicity of rules/concepts improves in Clarity

4. Structure/Order provides Beauty/Strength.

5. Shock leads to Awakening. Changes the perspective of how someone see life. Its the ‘aha’, ‘nirvana’ moment!

6. Collective Conciousness – the interaction of the inner self with the outside world (Friends, Family, Others). Relationships one shares with the outside world – an interactive world. You influence others and others influence you. Its a convuluted function of interactions – is this what everyone calls Maya?

7. Emotions – yes I am putting emotions in a box. We might have to decide sometimes how much human we are going to be 🙂 Believe me I have had medicines to influence this – some of them can make you stoic & feel like a rock. Things that fit in here – due to lack of clarity will be passion, motivation, attitude, deattachment, forgiveness, love, freedom & hope.

8. Miscelleneous – Truth, Time i.e mystery of future, and many more things. What is the MATRIX? 😀 The blue pill or the Red pill! Follw the Rabbit hole Neo …

Its possible that I am wrong in somethings and right in most of the things. Do let me know. Time is 1:30 am and I am in the mood to sleep – example can wait for another time.

Some of the things that are inherently covered in these patterns in Life I have mentioned about: How a LASER works, Mutation, Meditation, Ying n Yang – duality in nature etc.

Next questions I hope to soon answer in the upcoming posts are:

Q4. Where I want to be or what I want to do? i.e how do I want my life’s equalizer to look 🙂

Q5. What will be my focus areas and what I would like to improve!

Finishing this post with a thought related to music and patterns:

Music existed long before Humankind agreed that there were 7 basic fundamental notes!

I am talking of something similar. We need something to understand the way we lead lives else its going to be a constant struggle & in that process we are going to miss living and enjoying the present!


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2 thoughts on “Patterns in life”

  1. It is good to find someone who is looking for answers…to the great mystery called life….
    The truth is out there….and choice has some role to play….;-)

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