creativity = inspiration + elaboration

I am catching up with 1000s of articles in my reader. Might blog some of the interesting ones and if I am enthused totally to blog. People who have subscribed to me know that I blog in the ‘flow’ 🙂 Guess blogging is 25% inspiration and 75% elaboration once you are in the zone. Anyway some notes from the article on “Creativity: Whats the big idea?” below (I can relate to it very well being bipolar!)

Creative people do, however, intuitively know the value of alternating the rhythms of work: when to let the mind wander, when to get down to hard work and when to put a problem on the back burner and leave the subconscious to mull it over…

Time out feeds the quietness of mind that is essential to creativity.

… Colin Martindale, professor of psychology at the University of Maine, conducted tests on what he calls the ‘inspiration and elaboration phases’ of the creative process. That is the ability to be receptive to ideas and inspiration, and then to be able to focus and work on those ideas…

It is not impossible to learn how to be more creative. Experiments have shown that just by encouraging people to relax, you can increase the number of ideas that they come up with. Certain forms of meditation are effective as a means of learning how to enter a creative mental state – one that is relaxed and receptive but also awake and alert.

Essentially, creativity is all about learning to listen to the unconscious and being able to cultivate that relaxed and alert time that is typical of meditation and dreaming. Very creative people may be able to do this intuitively, but it is important to realise that we were all born with creative minds.


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