split computers?

I am totally skeptical on this one! Smart Mobs says:

New technology from Microsoft Research India in Bangalore could end the
waiting game in offices with limited computer, according to Discovery.
Researchers are developing software that splits a computer screen in
two halves, each side with its own operating system, desktop,
applications, cursor and keyboard.

“At the most basic level, we are allowing two users to work
completely independently on the same machine, sharing both the
processor and monitor,” said Udai Singh Pawar, assistant researcher and
project leader.

The innovation could salvage time otherwise wasted as one person waits to use a computer.


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One thought on “split computers?”

  1. You are right Vinu…

    Seriously, I think this idea is pretty silly.

    Even if the project is able to handle two keyboards and two mice at the same time and share the hardware resources between two operating systems… how do they expect two people to _physically_ share the same monitor? At least I wouldn’t want to sit right next to another person while doing my work. Neither would I want to twist my neck and try to adjust to the perspective error because the monitor is kept in between two people. Shoulder browsing isn’t an option either.

    Its just ridiculous.

    Again, it disturbs the aspect ratio – which is bad, OK, it’s a matter personal taste… others might find it fine. Now, they do realize that such organizations usually also have 14, 15 or 17 inch monitors. Most support max 1024×768 screen size. Splitting that is only going to cause discomfort to the eyes.

    Add to it the overhead of running two separate operating systems on the same machine!

    I’m guessing that they are writing a basic OS that emulates the hardware it is working on x2… does the resource sharing and lets the user’s operating systems work in harmony.

    Frankly, if I were ever to consider this wacky idea, I would make the OS capable of logging in two different users instead of running two OSes. I bet any decent *NIX can be tweaked to do this. But its another story… the real question why would anyone really want to do this?

    Technical limitations aside… the real sharing of the monitor between two people is going to cause more headache.

    Why not just use one good server and many thin clients with cheap monitors instead?

    Skepticism is a small word to describe my feeling for this project.

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