7Cs of Cellphones

Tomi @ CDB mentions about the 7Cs of Cellphones – I concur and completely love it! Some interesting stats also interspersed with the post.

  • Communication – Voice + Data (SMS+MMS)
    • 2.7 Billion cellphone subscriptions were in use at the end of 2006, compared with about 1.3 Billion landline phones.
    • The European average is nearing 2 SMS text messages sent per day per cellphone user, the British send 6, the South Koreans send 10, the Singaporeans send 12 and the Philippinos send 15 SMS text messages per day per subscriber.
  • Consumption – Entertainment (Music, Gaming, TV etc …) dominates here predominantly and will be the key driver followed by infotainment I think
    • The total content industry for the 13 year old internet is about 25 billion dollars, led by porn and gambling. Content on mobile networks was just measured by Informa to be worth 31 Billion dollars. Oh? Yes ! Already much larger than internet content by revenues.
  • Creation
    • merger of airplanes and submarines. The introduction of the cameraphone.
  • Commerce
    • payment systems are in most countries and range from paying your congestion charge in London by cellphone (20% already do) to paying for your public transportation in Helsinki (57% of single tickets to Helsinki’s trams are paid by cellphone). In Slovenia you can pay by cellphone in McDonalds and in taxis.
    • In Japan the use of the keitai (the cellphone) as the mobile wallet is so advanced that they are already constructing apartment buildings where the locks operate by cellphone. And in South Korea Visa credit card company will ask you on a new Visa card approval on the phone “do you want plastic with the credit” as the credit card functionality will automatically be enabled on your cellphone and the old-fashioned plastic card for your wallet is a free optional extra, only really needed if you travel outside of South Korea.
    • Some think that payments on mobile are limited to “micropayments.” How wrong can you be. In Kenya the telecoms industry has set a limit that the maximum single transaction on cellphone based payment or money transfer is – drumroll  – a million US dollars. Yes, coming soon to a pocket near you, your taxes, your salary, your spare cash, your credit (and your keys, access passes, loyalty cards, etc) will be embedded onto your phone.
  • Community
    • the social networking on mobile was measured to be worth over 3.45 billion dollars last year by Informa. Yes when digital community services, or mobile social networking has exploded from zero dollars in 2003 to 3.45 Billion in three years. That is definitely the world record for fastest growth of a new billion dollar industry ever
  • Commercials
    • Can you afford to ignore this media and advertising channel? And how big is it? ABI Media just reported that mobile advertising this year 2007 is worth 3 billion dollars worldwide. Time to wake up and smell the cellphone.
  • Control
    • in South Korea today the cellphone is becoming the remote control for just about everything. Just use the camera on your phone, point it at the square, and voila! like magic, all the typing appears on your screen. Almost like reading your mind.

Almost exactly a year ago I was talking about Mobile as a Remote in terms of metaphor!!


Any note another interesting point that Tomi mentions – which I don’t totally agree – absence is Computing?

the modern smarphone is actually a very smart pocket computer yes, but we – consumers that is – don’t need computing. We don’t use the scientific rapid calculation function of our PCs as computers. but most users don’t use the computer for computing. We use it for internet acccess, to write e-mails (and blogs) and generate powerpoints and edit our digital photos etc. We need those functionalities, but we don’t need to compute, with our computers.

I think multi task processing and video editing will make consumers want more computing power on the cell phone! Damn I feel the Nokia phones are slow! Of course not at the cost of size, cost and power consumption …


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