out of reach trick

Given that we are all assumed to be connected nowadays. Sometimes you feel the need to be disconnected – especially from the mobile phone!!

Office pressure might make you not switch it off as the ‘smart networks‘ promptly say ‘This mobile is switched off!‘.

Have you ever wished to switch of the mobile and wanted people to hear this prompt instead ‘The subscriber is out of reach!?‘ 🙂 a very diplomatic way of saying sorry I am not available 😉

Well, then here is the trick. To get the out of reach message – directly remove the battery from the phone without switching it OFF! And then be happy for the rest of the day or couple of hours. If people complain you can always say what? How come – thats really strange … ahem he he…

When you switch off the phone – the phone sends a signal to the network telling I am going offline! Talk about breach of privacy 😀


Published by: vinu

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One thought on “out of reach trick”

  1. This is one is easy. Go to a spot where you don’t get cell reception and then turn the phone off 🙂 or alternately, do it inside a lead box in your room.

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