June Link Mania

One week in North India – some observations at Humorous Blog
Lovely image on – apple_evolution.jpg (JPEG Image, 3435×2280 pixels)
A cool wiki (I am yet to become part) – Shareideas {News:Mass Text Messaging Made Easy}
Nokia brand & design priorities » SlideShare – a colorful insight!
Collaboration Loop – Social Networks vs. Online Communities
Networked Governance – Working Paper Series
PR 2.0 – Silicon Valley
How to Save the World – Got to Read this again!
Bangalore Metro:: Route Map:: Mono Rail – The Futute of the Indian SV?
The Ultimate RSS Toolbox – 120+ RSS Resources – a great reserve
Essential HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, and miscellaneous cheatsheets – nice collection!
The Difference Between Marketing, PR, Advertising, and Branding
Wee planets – a photoset on Flickr
Presentation Zen: Gates, Jobs, & the Zen aesthetic
Dare Obasanjo – Amazon EC2 + S3 Doesn’t Cut it for Real Applications
Determine how much a Facebook app is worth « Lightspeed Venture Partners Blog
» Facebook for the Enterprise = Facebook | Between the Lines | ZDNet.com
contentSutra.com @IAMAI-Web2.0: Is Big Media Under Threat From Individual Content Creators
Start Up or Die Trying
What Else Is New?: Books: The New Yorker – a great article!

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