I am like this has to be blogged – for future retreival 🙂 I got a bummer of a news in the morning that Tata Indicom the only provider that said will provide Internet to my place is sorry and is looking forward to revitalize our relationship on a later date ;P {I have a bigger post on that soon}!!

So, decided I will call airtel and activate GPRS (Mobile Office) and using internet on the go. Pained that its going to 43 kbps speed but atleast – its going to be always available. But I was really surprised with the activation messages I have to send. The cost is Rs 140/week (they highlight this plan only after you really dig and ask!)

Activate Mobile Office    : sms MO to 6123
Deactivate Mobile Office : sms MO CNCL to 222
Check Unbilled Amount  : sms UNB to 121
Outstanding amount       : sms OT to 121

Can airtel get more intuitive. Talk about customer experience and Usability. I wonder if this is the state everywhere else in the world. Something is really messed up in the corporate structure I think – otherwise who in the hell will say send sms to 6123 to activate and send to 222 to deactive!

I am blogging for my personal reference and hope other people benefit from it!


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25 thoughts on “airtel MO CNCL UNB OT”

  1. There is a bug or whatever with Airtel Mobile Office activation in Karnataka. The hours counter starts from 10 AM regardless of when you activate the service.

    So, even if you activate it at 9.59 am it will get deactivated at 10.00 am. You won’t get 24 hrs internet.

    I’ve used it in Tamil Nadu and found its cheaper and faster there. Even Kerala and Jharkhand rates are much cheaper.

  2. After a month long experience of using the Airtel Mobile Office service, I can say for sure

    that Airtel happens to be one of the worst service providers in the country. The word

    “Mobile Office” refers to the non-existant fictional net connection provided to gullible

    customers at an exhorbitant price.

    The data transfer speed is below .5 kbps at any given time and a ping of

    produces 100% data loss. It is really strange that Airtel pompously announces that it has no

    data transfer limits when practically no data transfer happens at all.

    The Airtel customer support is a whole new experiance. When I complained that my Mobile

    Office connection is slow, the technical support person told me to wait for the send bytes

    count to reach 10000 before launching my browser.

    If it doesnt hit you in the face, this solution is just absurd. I know it because I am a

    technical support executive taking calls from the US. He could fool anybody with this, but

    not a guy like me who troubleshoots systems over the phone for a living. Well, I did try it

    out anyway, and as I expected – the send bytes count never goes above 5000 and also by this

    time, Airtel automatically disconnects me.

    The next time I called to complain, the Airtel support person asked me how much I paid for

    the connection and as soon as I replied, disconnected me! I have’nt been able to connect to

    Airtel Customer Service after that. I realise that it is ok to ban abusive customers, but

    banning irate customers who use proper language is unheard of. And all I wanted to ask was

    if I would get a proper net connection if I pay more.

    I do freelance writing for websites besides my steady job and I just lost a major project

    because I could not log on to my email account.

    I tried for about an hour in the evening trying to log on, repeatedly refreshing the page

    and waiting like an obsessed idiot wishing that my inbox would open up and show me the

    project requirements. When it did finally open, I found that my agent got sick of waiting

    for my acknowledgement on email and awarded the project to someone else.

    Hell, if you have 300 bucks to spend on something that doesnt work, Airtel Mobile Office is

    the thing for you! But, why dont change the 300 rupees into tens and burn it all? That would

    be more worthwhile.

    (So says the Raven, Cochin)

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  4. HI

    I got Airtel 140 plan recently.[MO]
    I am able to connect to net in my mobile.
    But when i connect to my PC using this mobile as modem i am not able to get into net.

    Looks like i connected to net. but
    I am not able to broswe on my machince.[Says Page caqn not be displayed..]
    Tiered of calling Customer care ! no resolution
    Can anobody suggest me wat other setting on my PC is required to use the internet.

    Your help is appreciated..

    Thanks in Advance.


  5. Pls send me the trick to activate Free Airtel Mobile Office………pls…pls..pls…
    I will be much thankful to u for this act ….

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