why I like facebook?

I think I started using facebook as I was able to get in touch with my old friends from the US phase of my life. Also it helped me socialize virtually as orkut started getting banned everywhere and to top it – there is so much fun stuff to do!!

The facebook apps have totally inspired me – will blog about them soom but I thought will share some screen shots from the update feed and invites feed. Also from the comparison and personality app! These are something that are fringe benefits of a social networking site that I derive good amount of bang for the buck spending my time on facebook.

For starters its always nice to log in and see something like this:


And then being posed these questions is so fun – would like to dine with my advisor from Berkeley or my cus from Phili?

Or wonder who would make a better mom and who would I sleep with! ;-) {both being hot that well know friends!}

And of course worst of all who has a better body – a Indian chick I don’t know that well or a close hot friend from uzbekistan?!


And a personality test to match personalities with friends is always cool. I think it might even help employers to hire the right kind of people … save yourself joining the wrong type of job etc!

personality comparison

essential capacities of community

found this post at How to save the World really good; I am thinking to start couple of communities and I think this will be a really good basis to start out with …

Capacity for: Actions:
1. ATTENTION sense, probe, observe, listen, find patterns
2. INSTINCT perceive, intuit, let come, know subconsciously
3. APPRECIATION discover, play, learn, laugh, understand, thank
4. REFLECTION suspend, consider, open, let go, entertain, explore
5. INTENTION love, have passion. persevere, follow through
6. CRITICAL THINKING question, infer, deduce
7. ELICITATION incite, provoke, draw out
8. IMAGINATION conceive, ideate, let emerge
9. COLLABORATION facilitate, help, connect, cooperate, co-develop
10. RESPONSIBILITY care, nurture, cultivate, mend, sustain, groom
11. RESOURCEFULNESS bring to bear, supply, give, equip, prepare
12. CREATIVITY model, recreate, innovate, realize
13. COMMUNICATION relate stories, convey, converse, explain, describe
14. DEMONSTRATION offer, show, exhibit
15. IMPROVISATION respond, decide, try, experiment, perform
16. RESILIENCE/GRACE self-change, adapt, self-manage

I think I need lot of work in 7, 15 and 16. And yes, there is lot of scope to improve in other areas also!

whats with the thought?


I have heard people say a thought goes a long way … I had lots of thoughts in mind when I took the shot. I hope somewhere deep down you can relate to me. Shot was taken inside a Honda City at a HP Petrol Pump due my Trip to Pondicherry!

Guess what I did

I got a mail from my friend Vijay who is spending his first Independence day on foreign soil at Singapore and he wrote this lovely mail:


Today morning, I had been to the Indian High Commission in Singapore
where they had held a get-together on the eve of Independence day.
There was a flag hoisting by the High Commissioner, who read out the
Indian President’s speech.

Then, a cultural society here called the ‘Temple of Fine arts’
rendered Bankim Chandra Chatopadhyay’s most famous composition- ‘Vande
Mataram’. And the song was so melodious and beautiful that the slow,
lilting tunes are still ringing in my ears. It was particularly
poignant for me, being the first Independence day that I was standing
on foreign soil. That one moment, listening to the lovely composition
that must have etched itself in so many minds across generations and
with thoughts drifting back to what India meant to me, and the gentle
lyrics “suhaasinim sumadhurabhaashhinim sukhadaam varadaam
maataram….vande maataram..”, made for an experience, which will
remain unforgettable…Felt so good about this that I really wanted to
share it with you..

Take care,

I wrote back saying today what I did on august 15th truly (I am not that proud!). I had plans of waking up early; take my DSLR and go trotting around Colaba. Noone of which became a reality.

Guess what I did :-)

saw ‘Bheja Fry’ till 1am. Read Tyrst with Destiny twice at 2am.
Chatted with my girl in Delhi for 2 hrs. slept at 4am.

Woke up at 12:30 pm. Didn’t step out of my house the entire day.
Didn’t look at any Indian Flag. No speech ;P or vande Mataram songs.
Saw ‘The Good German’. Waved through the newspaper. Read two books –
“Made to Stick” and “The five dysfunctions of a Team”. Saw two
episodes of LOST. Lovely aaloo curry and thair sadam. Caught up with
some friends. Wrote feeling patriotic on facebook (which I was).

Guess, it was just ‘me’ of being ‘Indian’, ‘independent’ and ‘enjoying
freedom’ in my own lazy unproductive way!

mein ;-P

But I think I would love to finish the post with these two pic, two things that really matter to me, my life and India:
My Mom
and my love for the nation (the pic is a metaphor, the candle is still not burning; light is yet to come!)


I thought I will twitter quotes from Tryst with Destiny (TwD ) – but then thought it might just be too much ;-) for non-Indians twiter followers. Anyway my patriotric feeling were up on techcruch – thanks to thejo – for pointing it to me! here are the TwD tweets (some slightly modified):

TwD1: To the nations & peoples of d world we send greetings & pledge ourselves 2 cooperate with’em in furthering peace, freedom & democracy.

TwD: we take the pledge of dedication to the service of India & her people & to the still larger cause of humanity.

TwD: Are we brave enough & wise enough to grasp this opportunity & accept the challenge of the future?

TwD: Freedom & power bring responsibility. Nevertheless, the past is over & it is the future that beckons to us now.

TwD: service of India means service of the millions who suffer, means d ending of poverty & ignorance & disease & inequality of opportunity

TwD: as long as there are tears & suffering, so long our work will not be over.

TwD: Peace, freedom, prosperity & disaster in this ONE World that can no longer be split into isolated fragments.

TwD: freedom brings responsibilities & burdens & we have to face them in the spirit of a free & disciplined people.

TwD: thoughts must be of the unknown volunteers & soldiers of freedom who, without praise or reward, have served India even unto death.

TwD: We think also of bro & sis who’ve been cut off from us by political boundaries & who unhappily can’t share in the freedom that has come

TwD: To bring freedom & opportunity to the common man, to the peasants & workers of India; to fight & end poverty & ignorance & disease;

TwD: build up a prosperous, democratic & progressive nation, create social, economic & political instn. 2 ensure justice & fullness 2 every1

TwD: Jai Hind

the trio

I guess you can see some differences in all three of us (Praba, Dolly and me) schoolmates over the last 20 months. This is us now:
And this is 20 months before:
Dolly and Praba visit ...

Our lives have changed to a good extent in these 20 months. Praba is married and off to another continent, Dolly has had her ups and downs, but has manged become more beautiful (including lovely mahabs trip with my Dad, Sis and her) and myself – moved to Bangalore and I think haven’t added more fat ;-)

july link overload!

Another buzy month buzzed away, so many things to blog but I decided to try and focus on work more … was decently productive ;-) BTW I am looking for a partner for this project on – 3191 – Lemme is someone is interested!
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