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When Critique and Community hits the Roof Top

A mild flame war is on the brtff yahoogroups and I replied … just blogging the same. I am quoting for context. Hopefully not breaching privacy!

Well, nice point Apoorva. Well this has already happened with digital cameras and is happening with DSLRs. They are becoming commoditized. If not this decade, you will definitely see in another 20 years in India – everyone moving around with a tool that can take video and can edit video and enough bandwidth to share it with anyone.

I think what would happen then is something thats happening in flickr. The best are explored. People who want to be critiqued will join communities to get ripped apart. And brilliant artist who create stuff and don’t give me a damn will continue to make them and people who relate to their lens / point of view will find them.

And I am sure its all going to be done for pleasure or business. Some thing like a blog. Film has been and will always remain a medium. A medium of expression.

But of course, I am not saying just because everyone has a pen / pencil – they go and write a book. Film as a medium is more complex than photography (just a click). And of course, its easier than making music and writing a book. What attracts film as a medium is people are more likely to see it, enjoy or make the effort of thinking about it!

A strong request – I think we should put an end of this line of trashing on ’email’. We should have a face to face discussion on this topic sometime. You never know when people get senti and put off. I feel purpose of the community is to grow and not hurt people around.

There is good amount of momentum. Lets use the momentum to grow the numbers and quality of work and not get personal. No one wins in the
end if we go that way!

My hundred and one rupees … ;P

Happiness lies in small things … mostly!

Re: The critic and the critique.
Posted by: A…  Mon Sep 17, 2007 2:42 am (PST)
Wow what a world there will be if film making become a mandatory activity
just like military service in many countries. 20000 guys in there late teens
and early twenties would be pushed into the woods armed with nothing but a
video camera. I am sure the results will be delightful and all of us would
sit in a huge auditorium for months watching the films and clapping all

only problem, pain in palms, sales of iodex spray will definitely skyrocket.

On 9/17/07, S… wrote:
/> Folks. Outside of an artist’s creative output, a critic’s existence has
/> no meaning. It’s like counting without the number zero. Can only get as far
/> as 9.
/> I’m making a film right now. What are you doing?
/> My obnoxious belligerence is aimed at steering you (rudely) away from this
/> meaningless chatter and towards making a film.
/> Still keen on making hot air? Go right at it… it’ll take more than a
/> stink to be rid of me.

state of Silicon Valley of India

State of Infrastructure and governance … Even if infrastructure is not in place, there were no traffic police in sight. What is deplorable is – they are ready to mint money for helmets the entire day. But scoot off when hit rains like crazy and people get stuck.

Lot of traffic could have been diverted or atleast people asked to stay in office by sending alerts and putting road blocks. I ended up personally saying people – don’t go that side by stopping my bike. I could easily see them getting stuck for hours if they took the wrong turn.

Corruption and inefficient management at its highest.

Unfortunately didn’t have my camera around! But someone on flickr did – I think the photographer and fellow blogger would have crossed paths sometime that unfortunate night!

comments on vibrancy of SNS

Just read Fred’s article Vibrancy of the online Social Space and wrote a comment there … given the fact that my blogging is coming down I think I repost the comment to the article as blog post. Some snippets from the article:

as I log in, I am engaged by a cross-section of my social relationships. In an instant, information is revealed, opportunities are discovered, and a website becomes a social nexus – from which I can derive a sense of gratification, meaning and identity.

In her 1961 work The Death and Life of Great American Cities, Jane Jacobs described the sidewalk ballet of a vital urban environment. Jacobs argued that a vibrant and diverse city should possess four characteristic design elements, the first being that a neighborhood should be multifunction, creating activity throughout the day. Next, a city should have short blocks and its buildings should be multiform, creating interest and promoting exploration by inhabitants. Finally, Jacobs argued for density, in which different populations intersperse, affording variety and shared resources.

Applying Jacobs’ criteria to an online space creates a challenge; as a neighborhood jumps from the physical to the virtual, the nature of its goods changes.

Arguing for shorter blocks, Jacobs felt that this type of design would foster exploration by city dwellers. The “short blocks” analogy is alive and well in online social networks, where the ability to browse and explore fellow network participants fuels use. In a social network, we enumerate our identity as we describe our interests, tag each other, and post on walls and message boards. These “digital traces” are often hyperlinked, permitting endless point-and-click exploration of the social space.

Indeed, online social networks are concentrated; in this sense they are unlike any neighborhood. Social networks allow for the centralization of one’s network in a single place; geographic boundaries are rendered insignificant as we connect across place and time. The social network allows the work friends to intermingle with grade school friends in an odd, often awkward dance.

In a study conducted at Michigan State University (Lampe, 2006), researchers found that friendships in social networks often began offline and migrated online, rather than the other way around.

The social cost of relationship maintenance decreases; the birthday card is replaced with a wall post. We can certainly lament the depersonalization of online interaction, but we can’t impugn the outcome – we are able to manage larger collections of friends with less effort than ever before. Do these extended friend networks increase sociality or simply introduce new digital tethers to our social life? That is a question we’ll work towards answering, as the effects of these digital publics on our real world is explored.

We flirt, we interact, we do business, we seek out information and gratification, finding a complex social world at our fingertips. While the digital spaces we inhabit will have a good deal in common with our cities of concrete and granite, they are unique places with unique challenges. While the technological emphasis of relevance and searchability will create new types of interactions online, it would be wise for developers to pay attention to Jacbos; they will find both the meaning and the letter of her laws instructive.

My comments:

Fred … nicely written will read this again and hopefully get back with more thoughts. From my personal experience, I see myself making more friends either in the offline or real world and enriching the boards in social networking sites like playing a game of scrabble or doing fun stuff.

However, I make more chance exploration kind of encounters in communities like Flickr and Flickr communities and special niche communities for like minded topics. When we have meetups – I like the interaction and then choose to go online hoping to find the people I liked online and grow the bond richer.

I have never come across party like behaviour in the online space. And yes, I haven’t tried second life as the bandwidth is very less in India. (Feel frustrated about that once I moved back from the Bay Area.)

But, there is one thing you should consider: the influence of the mobile and information convergence it brings on! It was also very interesting to see Steve Jobs showcasing facebook’s beta iPhone site :-) What happens as a next step as your social internet sphere moves with you on the go. What happens in countries like India and other where majority of population in a year or two is going to experience SNS primarily through the mobile??

I am just putting a screen shot from couple of applications to aid your thought process of the visualization of my facebook social sphere. Remember its going to be only 3 months I am on facebook and I am loving it completely. I have around 225 contacts on facebook and around 375 contacts on orkut – all decently meaningful ones so that my interactions there don’t get diluted!



iPod touch – not good to own!

The looks are there and the price is there! You may decide to buy the thing for the pinch and flick and the lovely screen.

But I think I will either wait for the iphone or wait for a more feature packed iPodTouch! I agree with VitaminCM here on most accounts. The list of feature I want to see more in the iPod Touch are:

  • Two small cameras – a 1M in the front and a 3M in the back
    • Can make video voice calls!
    • Capture moments and ditch the camera
    • Also cut and make videos on the go – nokia ain’t that good!
  • Open the damn platform and give api’s for the touch and accelorometers – there are so many lovely things to be done.
    • Apple is still thinking these things are MP3 players and computers
    • we are nearing convergence damit – open the shit!
  • Wireless USB and Bluetooth
    • The market this year and the next is going to explode with wireless usb products – keyboards, monitors, webcams etc ….
  • GPS – with map integration :-)
  • Blogging tools!
  • 40GB memory! ;-) (you have 160Gb on one extreme and a mere 8Gb on the other!)

I probably the logical explanations on why apple is slowly taking a back door entry to iPhone like device. it was also nice to see steve showing facebook’s iphone version on the keynote. Lovely right?

The day Apple releases the above specs in the iPod Touch for $300 or Rs 12k-15k I am gonna buy it even if it doesn’t have a phone on it! Else I would be happy to check it out in the apple store or borrowing it from my friend …. Jobs make me want more … the new iPods suck any way!!! and release the leopard out the cage faaaast! roar …. Anyway – the buy statement always holds :-)

India inc red herring 100

The Red Herring 100 asia 2007 list is out.

I have culled out the Indian companies in the list. Lot of companies from China and South Korea. A couple of mentions from Taiwan, Vietnam, Hongkong, Malaysia and even from New Zealand. Lots of Indian companies made it to the finalists list – but they didn’t make it through!( bigtec – one of the mothership members of my company ;-) ) To mention the list just from India’s perspectives:

Over all what you see is nice breed of products companies coming up, some of the mobile genre, the usual internet market place, companies carving a nice place out in the services space – game design, online backup, human resources, consulting, new media experiments and GPS space.

I had known about paymate, onyomo and vjive before. Realacres, Meritrac, regalix and vembu – in passing mention somehow. What is the Media doing not tracking the ‘red herrings’? any blogs dedicated to following the Indian upcoming companies?? I am sure 13 companies o the final 100, there are atleast 54 companies out there to write a blog about! Common these companies with decent solid relationships and business models in place (atleast I hope) and the blogosphere needs to cover them …. ;-)