iPod touch – not good to own!

The looks are there and the price is there! You may decide to buy the thing for the pinch and flick and the lovely screen.

But I think I will either wait for the iphone or wait for a more feature packed iPodTouch! I agree with VitaminCM here on most accounts. The list of feature I want to see more in the iPod Touch are:

  • Two small cameras – a 1M in the front and a 3M in the back
    • Can make video voice calls!
    • Capture moments and ditch the camera
    • Also cut and make videos on the go – nokia ain’t that good!
  • Open the damn platform and give api’s for the touch and accelorometers – there are so many lovely things to be done.
    • Apple is still thinking these things are MP3 players and computers
    • we are nearing convergence damit – open the shit!
  • Wireless USB and Bluetooth
    • The market this year and the next is going to explode with wireless usb products – keyboards, monitors, webcams etc ….
  • GPS – with map integration 🙂
  • Blogging tools!
  • 40GB memory! 😉 (you have 160Gb on one extreme and a mere 8Gb on the other!)

I probably the logical explanations on why apple is slowly taking a back door entry to iPhone like device. it was also nice to see steve showing facebook’s iphone version on the keynote. Lovely right?

The day Apple releases the above specs in the iPod Touch for $300 or Rs 12k-15k I am gonna buy it even if it doesn’t have a phone on it! Else I would be happy to check it out in the apple store or borrowing it from my friend …. Jobs make me want more … the new iPods suck any way!!! and release the leopard out the cage faaaast! roar …. Anyway – the buy statement always holds 🙂


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2 thoughts on “iPod touch – not good to own!”

  1. Please try and think through your points before making them. Half of the ones here are entirely pointless.

    It is like arguing that this iPod touch doesn’t make toast, or offer you a refreshing beverage. Neither is the purpose of the device.

    Cameras – no. It’s not a camera.
    Videocalling – it’s not a phone or a camera
    APIs – Possible but it IS an mp3/computer, stop trying to make toast.
    Bluetooth – what’s the point? You want a wireless keyboard for a device that small?
    GPS – entirely pointless and expensive.
    Blogging tools – all available online.
    Memory – You want 40/80gb, get a big ipod.

  2. well John, well these are the reqs for me to buy the thing … May be I am asking for iLife and not iPod. My only point it apple can make all these and offer it for $300 now, but its not choosing to. They are going milk people as much as possible. For me atleast these announcements were not as great!

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