When Critique and Community hits the Roof Top

A mild flame war is on the brtff yahoogroups and I replied … just blogging the same. I am quoting for context. Hopefully not breaching privacy!

Well, nice point Apoorva. Well this has already happened with digital cameras and is happening with DSLRs. They are becoming commoditized. If not this decade, you will definitely see in another 20 years in India – everyone moving around with a tool that can take video and can edit video and enough bandwidth to share it with anyone.

I think what would happen then is something thats happening in flickr. The best are explored. People who want to be critiqued will join communities to get ripped apart. And brilliant artist who create stuff and don’t give me a damn will continue to make them and people who relate to their lens / point of view will find them.

And I am sure its all going to be done for pleasure or business. Some thing like a blog. Film has been and will always remain a medium. A medium of expression.

But of course, I am not saying just because everyone has a pen / pencil – they go and write a book. Film as a medium is more complex than photography (just a click). And of course, its easier than making music and writing a book. What attracts film as a medium is people are more likely to see it, enjoy or make the effort of thinking about it!

A strong request – I think we should put an end of this line of trashing on ’email’. We should have a face to face discussion on this topic sometime. You never know when people get senti and put off. I feel purpose of the community is to grow and not hurt people around.

There is good amount of momentum. Lets use the momentum to grow the numbers and quality of work and not get personal. No one wins in the
end if we go that way!

My hundred and one rupees … ;P

Happiness lies in small things … mostly!

Re: The critic and the critique.
Posted by: A…  Mon Sep 17, 2007 2:42 am (PST)
Wow what a world there will be if film making become a mandatory activity
just like military service in many countries. 20000 guys in there late teens
and early twenties would be pushed into the woods armed with nothing but a
video camera. I am sure the results will be delightful and all of us would
sit in a huge auditorium for months watching the films and clapping all

only problem, pain in palms, sales of iodex spray will definitely skyrocket.

On 9/17/07, S… wrote:
/> Folks. Outside of an artist’s creative output, a critic’s existence has
/> no meaning. It’s like counting without the number zero. Can only get as far
/> as 9.
/> I’m making a film right now. What are you doing?
/> My obnoxious belligerence is aimed at steering you (rudely) away from this
/> meaningless chatter and towards making a film.
/> Still keen on making hot air? Go right at it… it’ll take more than a
/> stink to be rid of me.


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