Having dipped my DSLR in the seas of pondicherry, I was in a quagmire. I realized I needed another DSLR (want a 40D Canon), a iMac and badly have to do tax savings. After all that I want to end the year with some decent savings. This meant a bit of financial restructuring in life.

The last shot before mother nature decided to taste the camera sniff sniff! 😦  The last shot!

First time, I briefly felt I should have been in the US, so that I wouldn’t have to deal with finances in this way. In a one man startup, struggling to get a project, lack of clarity in what I want from my open relationship (a long distance one). So many things in my mind. More $$ in hand would really diffuse the tension 🙂

As I am living all by myself, I thought it would be better to share a two bedroom apartment with someone else so that cost of living would come down and it would also help to have someone to talk to when i come back home. Note: This is my first time living alone and I kind of like the silence mostly. But sometimes being alone translate to be lonely!

At this juncture came across another good friend who was also looking for a roommate. I met her in Bangalore as a blind crib-date {don’t ask me what that is!} some months back. BTW, I now have great bunch of 5 to 6 people in Bangalore now … in the so called circle of trust and its neat. Surprisingly most of them are from the Bong Land and have a good virtual presence!

Putting one and one together – we decided in the so called liberal attitudes in life to room together! Me being the so called Tam Bram – told her will just check with my Mom and girl friend before I confirm. I ask my girlfriend and surprisingly she says okay. Mom is not in with the idea but feels if I am confident then she is 50% there with the concept.

I get back to her and say yup ‘Its a Thumbs up’. All clearances obtained! She is like okay even I will confirm with my family. She has a conversation with her mom and shares it with people in the circle of trust via email. You can read the entire stuff on her blog – This is my Truth. I am just sharing the excerpt!! pheww 😀 {Note: Me refers to her here}

Mom – Flat? have you seen already? how much would be the rent…
Me – would be around 8-9K have not yet seen but will start looking
Mom – 8-9k that’s costly how would u afford?
Me – will share it with a friend
Mom – who friend
Me – one amongst the close circle that I hang out with here, Ted, I told you about him, now don’t freak out at him being a guy…
Mom – of course I would freak out..
Me – why, what’s with him being a guy, and if it was a girl all was good? Can’t 2 girls be lesbians? Please mom, is there only one relationship possible between a man and a woman?
Mom – Thank god your dad is not reading all these lines, he would have died of shame reading all these, although I have always been walking ahead with changing times.
Me – Yes, there is no other option, you’d have to change with me and with changing times…your daughter is no ordinary daughter I can’t lead the plain and simple life that most people lead, I am not causing any pain or trauma to you people, am I? but I have certain principles in life, like you know the Marxist principle that maamu follows, whether it’s marriage or death you don’t do extravaganza, that way I have some feminist principles in my life which I cannot discard… mom please don’t get annoyed…

[Now pay attention, this is the climax :P]

Mom – Ok, we won’t do extravaganza, if you don’t want a pomp and show…at least you could have done a registry…

The End

Lol… Mom thought I am planning to live in with a guy instead of marrying him. The conversation went for another half an hour with me trying to tell her that’s its ridiculous to get worked up just because my flat mate is a guy. Tried to tell her it means nothing. Nothing.

So, this is our culture, tradition, which reduces human beings to a dick and a pussy, that’s all we stand for, my pussy and your dick cannot be kept in the same box because they would start fucking each other for no rhyme or reason. Two pussy however can happily stay in the same box cause they can only brush against each other and not fuck, two dicks can also stay together cause they can only hold hands and sing songs but not fuck at the apparent side. Oh, some buggers do fuck from the not so apparent side but we shall nail them down soon, those criminals committing ‘un natural offences.’

Then one of the friends from the circle of trust takes it to the next level!! Constant Motion replies:


all I could think of while reading this e mail was of Vinu and Vinu’s face. 😀

Yes its all about it, a “D” and a “P”. Dip the “D” and make “P” pregnant. 😛 even our emoticons, the smilyes that I am typing (:-D and :-P) consist of a “D” and a “P” what a realisation.

The whole world revolves around these 2 alphabets. What other better use can a D and a P have in English language?

A for ass, B for boobs, C for cunt, D for u know it already, E for Erotica, F for (yes you know that as well) G for G Spot, H for Horny, I for Intestine where all the sperms travel after an anal sex thinking they are travelling “up above the world so high”, J for Jobs, (hand, blow etc) K for kinky, L for lust, M for masochism, N for narcissist, O for orgasm, P for (yeah u got it right too) Q for Queenie, R for ruptured vulva, S for SEX, T for the T of Copper, U for your ass, V for virgin, W for women, a lot of women, and some “wow” effect, X for the X factor and xtacy, Y for You fuck yourself (which basically means you have been dumped after a good fuck) and finally Z for those x and y chromosomes which failed to make a baby BOY or a baby Girl but made something else instead.

so you realise now, the whole world is about Sex which makes it D.P.S and no that’s is not Delhi Public School, that is Dick Pussy and Sex.

Well, Now thats D-P-S!! I take guts to reply and say I N Z Y are not sounding great and pat comes the reply:

I for Incest or Intercourse
N for Nuts or Nymphomaniac
Z for the zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz that one can catch after a good SEX
Y for Yaar bina chan kaha re :-P…sona nahi chandi nahi yaar se mila arre pyar karle…..(basically breed like a rabbit)

I don’t know if we are going to get the apartment, whether my mom and girl friend are going to be okay. But the circle of trust is going great guns. Two of them are getting married and I have been given credit to play the role of Cupid and talks are of adopting me! Whatever happens ;P I am glad I met Samy, Vinayak and Snigs.

BTW, there are more mails that followup from Samy’s sister etc…. but I think this post is getting too long and hot to handle ;P Hope you didn’t bored reading it! a big post after long time from my side …


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18 thoughts on “D-P-S”

  1. v need not ask permission frm parents fr everthg under the sun…they may nt b able to digest all but also nt take them fr granted… so take ur call!

  2. Ha.. This is hilarious!!
    My mom cribbed too when she found out one of my roommates was a girl. But then she came and saw how neat my house was, and how well the kitchen was stocked, she actually turned into an approver 🙂 … this argument wont work for the girl of course !

  3. Bangalore is turning out to be like SF. Parents generally accept everything that their children decide if its a mature decision. Hope you are njoying in the newfoundland.

    On the other side, sorry to hear about your DSLR.

  4. @ Vikas,

    this argument wont work for the girl of course

    Oh, in my case it would work trust me… 😀

    And there are more interesting facts that I can push to mom… for one, Vinu won’t let me stock too much of alocohol, no exessive smoking… 😀

  5. Have you never seen When Harry Met Sally? If you haven’t, then you should…(or at the very least read my favourite banter from it on Facebook. 😀

    Harry: You realize of course that we could never be friends.
    Sally: Why not?
    Harry: What I’m saying is – and this is not a come-on in any way, shape or form – is that men and women can’t be friends because the sex part always gets in the way.

    I’m surprised Athai was even with you 50% of the way. I’m sure my parents would flip a lid if I ever suggested such a thing. Maybe it’s always worse for the girls…

  6. hey nice post..anyways at the end all i want is u to be happy…
    @niv comment suprised at 50%agrement of atthai..that was becoz.as a mother she did want to hurt her son…thats what amma told me after she kept the phone down..u shud have seen her face..she was pale blood drained as if seen a real ghost..she is trying to cope up with the new society..poor lady…

  7. This was all so nice and sweet… I don’t feel good that we ain’t taking this forward.. 😦 but then there are practical constraints I guess.. Hmmm wish life was simpler…

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