Bangalore Roads and Safety

I just came across almost instant Citizen Journalism from Flickr Bangalore Weekend Shoot group. This accident scene was taken in the morning and shared in the afternoon. Accident spot: Malleswarma 11th Cross I believe. The images are pretty graphic but I urge you to be brave and look at them. the motorcyclist LOST his BRAINs (in the literal sense) though he had his helmet on!
This comes to point – are all the helmets sold quality assured? Are ISI
quality standards good enough. I pay Rs 1000 ($25) for wearing a helmet
almost daily for that one solitary fall its supposed to save me from.
If this happens to anyone of the people I know. I will drop everything
and take the government to court – for allowing sale of sub quality
stuff. (photo credits: Prabhu.) There is a photo of the driver’s brain thrown on to the footpath. Brave ones kindly feel free to click here to see the brains!


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