Domain and Hosting options?

Someone in the BCB thread asked for people’s recommendation for domain and hosting solutions. Folks in the group responded with list of urls to contact and all they had to qualify was its good. From my experience, I bought a domain for myself six months back and I am playing around in it in kind of stealth mode.

Domain from and hosting at (got a free url for a year there). Touch wood my experience has been good in terms of there has been no downtime and everything works. Things I have played around with this online are:

  • Got google for office account to work
  • Get command prompt access to install drupal, wordpress etc.
  • Try Facebook apps
  • Try hacking general code whenever I get time

Basically a space to hack around when i get time and interest in the internet world!! rapid protyping you see 😀

But I think there are somethings to think about before going to a specific vendor and buying domain& hosting solution. To name a few:

  • Support from the Vendor
  • What purpose you want to use the hosting for
  • Uptime through customer
  • Cost (this is not much of a differentiator)
  • Payment Options … ;P (matters if you are in India!)

The list of Urls provided in the mail thread from people were:

What are your thoughts? I would like more options here … 🙂


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19 thoughts on “Domain and Hosting options?”

  1. Great News! has become India’s Youngest ISO 9001:2000 Certified Web Hosting Company. While the Industry majors took as much as 10-12 years for getting ISO Certified, accomplished the same in 19 months since its inception.
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  2. Mail sent by in blogaloreans group:

    Sandil: is what I use. Dont remember the cost but easy to use n u
    can configure it all and also point maisl to google apps, etc.

    I have been using for all my domains from past few years.
    So far, i didnt had any problems. They have a pretty cool control
    panel for managing all your domain name related stuffs ( like, name
    Servers & and others ).

    The cost of .in domain is very low compared to other domains. You can
    use it with Google Apps without any probs. This wont be a problem even
    if you go with any other Domain Name providers.

    I am using from past one year.
    I have about 12 domains with them.
    Not found any issues with them.
    Their control panel is user friendly.
    Adding CNAME, MX, ….changing Name servers are very easy.
    I am also using Google Apps for many domains & found it easy to configure.
    One more big PLUS is that they are based in Bangalore & you can call
    them to local landline number for any issues.
    They offer very good pricing also, currently they are selling .IN for $6
    They do also have online payment gateways 🙂


    I use for registering .in domains. They let
    you manage the domain etc. from their website itself.
    You can change the DNS enteries anytime.

    They were called net4domains earlier.

    Best part is they have an office in Bangalore as well.


    I’ve been using for my .in domains.
    They allow easy change of DNS, though you have to fish for it in the
    control panel.

    The support is very attentive on phone, they are based out of mumbai.

    PS. Google Apps now require you to have atleast one email at your
    domain to register, so register at a place which gives you atleast 1
    mailbox, or a catch-all address to recieve the authentication mail
    from google apps

    Abhishek Thakkar

  3. 25 GB Windows Web Hosting Space and 25 GB Lynux Web space with master reseller control panel with unlimited domain parking At just Rs. 10,000/- per annum is the new funda at Real People at Virtual World of and WWW,WEBCRAFTSTORES.COM Its amazing!

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