Harshad Leaves Facebook

I got this from Harshad today on Facebook. Interesting 🙂

Hey friends!

I’m just quickly emailing you from my facebook account before I delete it. I’m still available on orkut, just that I can’t stand facebook anymore.

I’m leaving facebook because
– I don’t use it much
– I don’t like the complicated user interface
– I don’t like giving applications access to my personal information just to view one message from a friend.
– My friends have emails, and its easier for me to contact them that way.
– Facebook doesn’t allow me to simply delete my account – I SUSPECT FOUL INTENTIONS. FACEBOOK IS NOT TRANSPARENT.
– Copyright grab issue… as a person creating content, I cannot stand this.
– Gut feeling – I never wanted to join, but friends forced me to… and now I’m realizing I was right… need to quit ASAP.

Hope you understand, kindly email me whenever you feel like talking.



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3 thoughts on “Harshad Leaves Facebook”

  1. #1, #2 and #4 makes sense. As a matter of fact, I’ve often wondered why people would rather send me messages on facebook than over email.
    #3 is hilarious because (a) No one’s forcing you to use the application – I’ve learnt that all messages sent through random apps are pointless anyway (especially because of #4) and (b) This person uses orkut, where all personal information is left wide open for the entire world to see (and for Brazilian spam bots to scrape as we recently saw) and (c) applications don’t have access to your personal information – the facebook API doesn’t give apps any way to access your personal information.
    #5 is scary, but I think it’s the opposite of what Harshad says. Maybe facebook is being more transparent than others here. There’s no way for you to be sure that once you’ve deleted (for e.g.) your Orkut account, that all your information is wiped from Google’s servers. On the other facebook is being explicit about it by stating that your information is still on facebook’s servers (or backups).
    #6 sounds scary. I removed all my non-personal photos (read: photos which I can sell) from facebook right after I heard about this. But on furthur research, I learnt that other services (such as Flickr) have exactly the same clause in their ToS.

  2. Hey UmeshUnni: Guess I should clarify a few points. First of all, I wrote that email in a haste and didn’t want to make an issue out of this – so emailed my friends instead of blogging about it. But things have their own way… Vinu decided to blog it. No matter – here’s my follow up:

    Yes, that’s right – #3 sounds hilarious – because something called “peer pressure” can coax you into using the applications – when some friends keep sending many such invitations – of course, I tried “no thanks”, but some people don’t understand. I choose better not to be part of such systems.

    I understand the nature of the Internet pretty well for a beginner – once something is published, it has the potential to remain stored forever in one place or another. What I don’t like about Facebook is that they don’t give me an option to delete my account from the main server. Backups remain, I know – but to straightaway deny me the option to delete my account is bad enough. There’s a comfort level for everything, FB crossed mine. Why do they need to store my data “for future” “when I want to re join” while all I’m asking of them is to delete my account. For me, Facebook is like Hotel California.

    Why I am on Orkut, well, because most of the people I want to keep in touch are there… and for some totally unknown reason to me, they can’t use plain email. Again, blame peer pressure. At least Orkut is not as irritating (even with the spambots) just a scrap here and there and that’s it. I don’t have to go through “install new app” every two days. For the while, yes, orkut stays in my bookmarks. Though there’s not guarantee.

    Flickr has problems, but far less in magnitude – they have a copyright grab (IIRC) for all publicly viewable photos to be used for their promotional work, which is understandable (else, tomorrow somebody might sue them for showing their photo on flickr blog/ explore/ front page of flickr.) Commercial advertising on user content is not what I like, but for now, I can live with it since it has earned me business.

    Also, almost every other web2.0 site has some sort of copyright grab issue associated – as I learn, I’ll clean up the mess better.

    Facebook was the first to get “bye bye”. As and when required, more sites will be on my personal super-biased blacklist. My reasoning may or may not make sense to you – it makes sense to me, right now, that’s sufficient 😉


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