iWoz on education

Continuing on the openguru category, these are thoughts by Steve Wozniak … just thought would share:

Education is so huge — you can’t have one quick solution. The solutions are very far in the future.

We technologists can figure out how to get more education at a lower price. That’s a big key.

But the amount of money for education is always going to be too low. The government has a certain about of money to spend on things. And you think, “Oh, they’re just going to determine the priorities: Here’s what percentage should go to education, what percentage to the military, what percentage to forestry, what percentage to roads.” But those percentages tend to map to how many votes there are.

And there’s a little problem in the United States: A family of five gets no more votes than a family of two. So, the families with the kids, [for whom] education is a top priority, don’t have a say [proportionate to] the size of their family. Kids aren’t really considered in the votes and [in the] money for education, which is just backwards. Every farmer gets to vote on farm bills. Every elderly person gets to vote on elderly issues. Schooling is a problem because young kids don’t get to vote.

According to me, in addition to price technology also enables education on demand, convenience and many more things. But the human element can never be replace.


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