Life Bytes

Was wondering about how cool it would be record every second of one’s life what it would physically. Open a online spreadsheet and landed with this calculation

Life Bytes

If I store in MP3 i.e Stereo sound quality and assuming a average lifespan of 80 years, we just need 40 TB ( 1TB = 1024 GB) and it would cost just $10,000!! Would I be interested in such a service and would I pay this … hellya! Fast forward, year 2020 would I like to know with whom I was spend most of my time talking and what I was talking? Am I ready to $125 i.e Rs 5000 per year for that … sure! I think this is some killer service atleast the phone operators are missing.

Next lets take video – mpeg divX quality – Its just another order more. If I have a necklace attached to my neck and it records audio + video + acceleration + temp variation + pollution levels I am exposed => Do I have potential use of it? Sure! Does the technology exist for something like that? Yes. What would be the cost of the gadget i.e hardware max $300 (some of the hardware platform is also open sourced) what missing is the service angle. I think in another decade this is going to be a reality.

Yes, privacy laws and security become a concern but I will definitely value what I did in my twenties and thirties a lot when I can personally re-experience it when i am 50! Only concern with this business idea – upfront capital cost + maintenance cost. If we can get people on a monthly plan – I feel this can be resolved 😀 What do you say??


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5 thoughts on “Life Bytes”

  1. i am assuming this would require some kickass data center .. but would be cool.. i am sure google would be ready to buy this idea.. ! 😀

  2. Interesting thought.. jst imagine all those celebs auctioning thier private time on ebay!!bt on the flip side it cud lead serious breach of privacy !!
    on a personal i wud lov to record my life nd c wat i made of it!
    hind sight is a beautiful thing 🙂

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