Re: Morality or the woman’s womb

I chanced about reading Rachel Chitra’s post Morality or the Woman’s womb. After first reading I was very tempted to critically comment :-) But then I said to myself, I think I shall reserve my critical views for sometime if and when we meet in future! However, I glanced About me section, turns out she is a journalist from my home town and so is her husband! That made me think about the quality of the writing and the points she makes (I expect better Chitra?). For the moment, I shall just hide behind the ‘I am not a journalist window’ and pepper my immediate thoughts in line …

For women with great power to procreate comes great responsibility to safegaurd it. The Indian society, has somehow lacked the ability to talk openly and make people understand the different changes their body undergoes. Hopefully in the decades to come with more information awareness, things will change for the better. And also technology aided birth prevention (condom, contraceptive pills and abortion) comes to rescue to bring balance into the equation of man & women.

And yeah, I kind of strongly disagree with her view of “In India, people also have the disgusting habit of holding a grand function in which all friends & relatives attend, when the girl attains puberty. I don’t see anyone celebrating a boy’s attainment of puberty in India. ”

Its a immature to conclude it as a disgusting habit. I see it as a celebration of the girl child and her maturity. Also a very grand way to convey the message to the community of her puberty. Southern traditions are laden with such rituals equally among the girl & boy child. Seemandham (Baby Shower) couple of months before child birth. The thread ceremony being something equivalent for the boy?

From what I have understood, all the traditions had some thought behind when they were put in place. Over periods of time, the reason people think has changed in similar ways the mis-interpretation of BiBle, Quran and Gita. Agreed some of the traditional tradition may not be needed or re-looked. Kindly note that my understanding has been self observed & objective one (and yeah I don’t believe in the concept of God!). Anything specific you don’t agree, I would love to engage in a constructive dialogue if you need.

Will open this post for comments. I have closed my comments on the blog due to mega spamming. Trackbacks are appreciated ;P

ramming in movies

This week has seen a windfall of movies! 7 in last 4 days :-) All definitely worth watching and recommended. My rating inline

You must noticed two Hindi movie making into the list! Must say Indian productions are making the cut more often. The movies I saw last two weeks were:

  • Wanted 2.5/5 – a Bullet cannot move 360 deg … can it?!
  • Mumbai Meri Jaan 4/5 – Very well made
  • Bachna Ae Haseeno 3/5 – Complex story telling for an average Hindi audience
  • Wall-E 4/5 – aww so sweet!
  • Rock On 3/5 – What a bummer. Songs sucked DOWN he he

in the flow

I sat down sometime early last week and listed various activities / skill sets I love and I feel I am in the flow or zone. The things I like to do and don’t feel that I am putting an effort. No stress and life seems to be a blissful existence and I contributing back to the society.

I simply LIKE being i.e nothing else matters. I would like to have them ideally in any job I am doing. I feel everyone should do this for themselves and try to juggle these activities to get maximum out in their life. Here is my list

  • Learning
  • Observing
  • Playing
  • Creating
  • Connecting with People
  • Problem Solving
  • Imagining

As of you can see, these are the core attributes I simply love. Lots of things I like are direct manifestations of them. Diving, Photography, Design, Research, Solving people’s problems. Looking forward to hearing your in the flow activities.

iphone downgraded and cracked

Couple of weeks back, Dad’s friend’s iphone started behaving a wierdishly and he by mistake hit the restore button on the iTunes! It went back to locked conditions and he asked me to look into it. I had unlocked this phone around Feb when his son sent it as a gift to him from the US. I had used Ziphone (took only 5 mins to unlock!) and thinking it would be a no brainer, I took up the issue.

But after one full day trying to poke around I was clueless and frustrated. I attacked the problem the next day and I seemed to have gone nowwhere! Afraid that the phone might have bricked, I gave it one last shot to restore it and phew I successfully managed to do it. Its was frustrating for me to actually diagnose the problem and solve it as I had no idea what the uncle did & I had not followed iPhone developments.

Just bloggin this in case someone else faces the problemo ;P. Here it goes …

  • If you are getting error 20 (Version you are trying to load is older than the one you already have) check if you are really on DFU.(nice instructions there)

To put your phone in recovery mode simply:

1. Switch off the iPhone.
2. Hold the home button as you connect your iPhone to your PC/Mac.
3. Continue to hold the home button untill you see the iTunes/Dock Cable logo.

To put your iPhone in to DFU mode:

1. Turn on iPhone
2. Connect to PC/Mac
3. Open iTunes
4. Hold down power and home buttons
5. Wait untill red slider appears to shut down iPhone – keep holding the buttons.
6.Wait untill the iPhone shuts down
7. Release power button, keep home button pressed (if the Apple logo appeared you didn’t release the power button quick enough – try again!)
8. Wait about 7 seconds – iTunes should say there is an iPhone connected in “restore mode”

  • You will have to install iTunes 7.5 not the latest one! You need to remove all traces latest iTunes completely! Then you need to download 1.1.4 firware and install it (press the shift button when you click Restore to install a specific firmware) You will most likely come across error 1601 or 1602.
  • For exact instructions go to these links:-)
  • I had to use iLiberty+ finally to dissect the problem
  • Even then I was getting stuck with a problem where I had opened the phone but it was not recognizing the vodafone SIM! Duh, it was more like a iTouch! :-( Final solution came when I understood the crux of the matter was the baseband doesn’t change automatically. You need another software called the KiPhone. One has to do this as people haven’t still figured out how to crack the latest baseband 04.05.04

Hope this helps i.e. savnig time. The 5 minute venture last time turned out to be 3 days of effort ;P Mainly stalled due to pathetic download speeds. Who says experience helps!

Figure just for illustration ;-) borrowed it from the FaceBook News feed.