Re: Morality or the woman’s womb

I chanced about reading Rachel Chitra’s post Morality or the Woman’s womb. After first reading I was very tempted to critically comment 🙂 But then I said to myself, I think I shall reserve my critical views for sometime if and when we meet in future! However, I glanced About me section, turns out she is a journalist from my home town and so is her husband! That made me think about the quality of the writing and the points she makes (I expect better Chitra?). For the moment, I shall just hide behind the ‘I am not a journalist window’ and pepper my immediate thoughts in line …

For women with great power to procreate comes great responsibility to safegaurd it. The Indian society, has somehow lacked the ability to talk openly and make people understand the different changes their body undergoes. Hopefully in the decades to come with more information awareness, things will change for the better. And also technology aided birth prevention (condom, contraceptive pills and abortion) comes to rescue to bring balance into the equation of man & women.

And yeah, I kind of strongly disagree with her view of “In India, people also have the disgusting habit of holding a grand function in which all friends & relatives attend, when the girl attains puberty. I don’t see anyone celebrating a boy’s attainment of puberty in India. ”

Its a immature to conclude it as a disgusting habit. I see it as a celebration of the girl child and her maturity. Also a very grand way to convey the message to the community of her puberty. Southern traditions are laden with such rituals equally among the girl & boy child. Seemandham (Baby Shower) couple of months before child birth. The thread ceremony being something equivalent for the boy?

From what I have understood, all the traditions had some thought behind when they were put in place. Over periods of time, the reason people think has changed in similar ways the mis-interpretation of BiBle, Quran and Gita. Agreed some of the traditional tradition may not be needed or re-looked. Kindly note that my understanding has been self observed & objective one (and yeah I don’t believe in the concept of God!). Anything specific you don’t agree, I would love to engage in a constructive dialogue if you need.

Will open this post for comments. I have closed my comments on the blog due to mega spamming. Trackbacks are appreciated ;P


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One thought on “Re: Morality or the woman’s womb”

  1. I read the post by her. Agree very mediocore stuff and nothing new that she has stated. Its a fact that there are more restrictions on girls even today becuase a man after all is just a sperm donor, a girl on the other hand will carry the baby and cant get rid of an unwanted pregnancy (abortion) unless she is accompanied by a guardian if she is below 18. Impossing restrictions on girls is also a means of exercising power and control over them. Also, you coming back at 1 in the morning may not be such an issue but it your sister does late night partyng, parents I am sure wont be comfortable with that.
    India, as I have always said is a prudish state. We need SEX education for sure and the sooner the schools and parents understand it the better it is.

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